Recent Work/Life Balance

Give the Gift of Healthy Boundaries

Brene Brown says through her research that the most compassionate people are the ones who hold the most boundaries. Boundaries are the way to let others and yourself know what is okay with you and what is not okay. They create clarity, transparency and respect of yourself and others. They support you in being loving, […]Read More >

Why Not Move from Effort to Ease?

I have noticed a pattern in most of my coaching sessions with clients that we have been trained as a culture to constantly push, to make an effort and to make things happen. One of the drivers of this behavior is not trusting that the timing of what we are creating is good enough. As […]Read More >

How to Be an Impactful Leader

I want to address the topic of your awareness around your impact as a leader.   What kind of impact are you making in your organization? When thinking about the impact of successful leaders the adjectives that come to mind are approachable, authentic, transparent communicators, vulnerable, presence, inspiring and positive among others. In order to […]Read More >