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Designed to integrate your body, mind, and heart and access the wisdom they hold, the PEER GROUP COACHING supports you over a 12-month period, in living from a place where you learn to listen and trust yourself more, build on your strengths and build commitment to being an active participant in creating the life and work you desire with a group of 6-9 participants per group, live or virtual.

Activate Your Own Creativity and Inner Wisdom …

Peer Groups fuel professional and personal growth by bringing together small groups of business owners, career professionals interested in working together and being accountable towards growing themselves. Combining the power of coaching conversations with the gift of peer support. You experience tremendous insights that can quickly be integrated and practiced. With the support of your Peer Group, you move beyond roadblocks that previously kept you stuck, to catapulting forward toward your goals.

The purpose of this group is to activate your own creativity, and inner wisdom around growing and developing your strengths and confidence as a leader and to be with other women/men who support you in doing the same.

Clients share their coaching experience:

“I would highly recommend peer group coaching with Katie Smith. Over several years of doing it, I have gained invaluable knowledge shared within the group, support on handling challenges in my business and usable resources that span across industries. Our group has enough in common that we can relate to each other, but one benefit is that we are from different backgrounds and industries so I truly appreciate a fresh look at issues as it helps me think outside the box. We are able to share information in a safe, confidential space and connect with one another which can sometimes be hard for people within the same organization. Katie is a phenomenal facilitator, and asks thought-provoking questions that really push us to grow. And she brings amazing and inspiring energy to the group!”

Shelle Pennington, Employing Broker , Addison & Maxwell Real Estate Brokerage

“Katie is direct and to the point, which at times is very much needed and appreciated in order to identify opportunities for growth. She is also kind and a good listener; it is therefore easy to talk to her and feel comfortable talking about personal things in a work setting. I improved my communication skills with a direct focus on direct communication and leaning into conflict rather than avoiding it. I have greater self-confidence and a shift in turning within to solve problems rather than looking to others to change.”

T.S., Participant

“Katie is an excellent coach and helped me to speak my truth, be accountable and she was extremely compassionate through the whole process.”

Christine (CJ) Johnson, Empowerment Leader