The Be Whole Journey

Designed to integrate your body, mind, and heart and access the wisdom they hold, the BE WHOLE JOURNEY supports you over a 12-month period, in living from a place where you learn to listen and trust yourself more, build on your strengths and build commitment to being an active participant in creating the life and work you desire.

This extensive experience is broken down into specific experiential exercises and topics that are simple, yet intentional, to fully cultivate a more fulfilling experience of how you bring yourself to your life and work:

Body Wisdom  |  Mindful Matters  |  Awakening Your Heart

By committing yourself for 12 months,
you are dedicated to your growth, evolution and desire
to integrate your happiness from the inside out.

This experience is for you if you desire:

  • To forge a deeper connection with yourself and others
  • To accept the gift of your challenges
  • To view your resistance as an ally
  • To harness a positive shift in your thinking
  • To receive more balance and less stress
  • To love yourself more fully
  • To access inspiration
  • To live from a state of ease instead of fear
  • To gain tools for your toolkit that are easy, effective and make a difference
  • To experience more pleasure, fun and joy in your life and work
  • To master your energy more effectively

This experience consists of the following:

  • Weekly reading and exercises to be completed independently
  • One-on-one coaching with Katie, twice per month, 60-minute sessions to cover practice material, specific goals and support you as you grow
  • Two face-to-face three-day experiential retreats (travel, food and accommodations not included)
  • Access to Katie’s VIP online community
  • Access to resources that will support your learning and development
  • Email access to Katie for continued support
  • On the spot laser coaching, in between sessions (10- to 15-minute limit)
  • Copy of Katie’s book – Be Happy Now and Be Happy Now Playbook

Clients share their coaching experience:

“Even the most seasoned, confident professionals need a fresh perspective every now and then. Working with Katie has been a breath of fresh air for me. It has helped me refocus on what is important to me (not everyone else), filter negative energy coming from others, and reframe my negative self-talk. With this adjusted view of my world, I have attracted many positive business and personal opportunities, and I look forward to every day with fresh eyes. I highly recommend working with Katie!”

Sandy McCray, Marketing Strategist/Consultant

“Katie has helped guide me through some big career transitions, and each time, I have ended up in a better place – both personally and financially. She has helped me develop strategies to make my life easier, and yet more productive. Katie is unique – a highly savvy business professional, as well as an intuitive counselor. The combination has been a powerful asset for me. If you want to make the most of your life, you will love working with her!”

Theresa Casey, Vice President of Business Development at Leapfrog

“For the past year, Katie has been a mentor, coach and guide as I’ve navigated through tremendous personal and professional transition. We may not realize that we have the courage to live the life we want to live – however, with a bit of guidance, we’re able to more clearly identify and hold onto our professional values, align them to our personal values and ultimately live the life we’ve intended for ourselves and our families. My professional life has taken many twists and turns during our first year working together. After fourteen highly successful years at a large global organization I’m on to a new, unforeseen journey, a path that I wouldn’t have seen had I not developed an appropriate level of self-awareness. Fear has been replaced by excitement and empowerment. Katie has encouraged me to “flex” newly developed muscles, continue creating and ultimately, remain true to myself – easier said than done! I can’t thank or recommend Katie enough. I’ll make the same recommendation that was made to me over a year ago – get in touch with Katie!”

Sean Lightner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

The Be Whole Journey also includes an exclusive workbook available nowhere else:

The Be Whole Journey Playbook.


• Over 170 pages of fully colored and responsive PDF

• Type within the Playbook or print out for your notes

• Immediate download upon purchase

Look below for a sample of the Be Whole Journey Playbook.

If you are feeling the pull of this deep, life-altering experience, it’s time to heed the call.

This is the call of your heart and the first step in living more fully into your potential.
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