5 Practical Ways to Stay Positive, Even at Work

5 Practical Ways to Stay Positive, Even at Work

 published this guest article by Katie B. Smith:

5 Practical Ways to Stay Positive, Even at WorkWhile it’s entirely normal to feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, we each have the ability to stay emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy through the choices we make. I believe that taking ownership of our own stress levels and practicing self-care are two ways we can begin to find the balance we all seek in our individual lives. When we move beyond fear into the conscious choice of embracing happiness and self-care, we move from away from stress and over extension, and toward success. Plus, when we’re taking care of ourselves, we’re overflowing with positive energy that can be shared and passed to others. Taking ownership of our own well-being has profound ripple effects on our families, friends, and workplace.

In my new book to be released this month, Be Happy Now, I give readers advice for getting out of a discouraging self-talk rut and teach them how to work with their emotions to move past negativity to a positive future. Of course, the first step is to be aware of your environment and your reactions to the world around you.

To get you started on the path to increased happiness, I’ve identified 5 ways to stay positive and avoid stress – even at work.