How to Feel Your Way to Your Next Career Move

How to Feel Your Way to Your Next Career Move

I had a client that hired me to support him in creating his next career move. He was feeling a little stagnant where he was and wanted to not only venture out and start investigating what was in the market but also fine tune how he wanted to direct his career. The first step for people in this situation is setting a vision. Once you have the vision, then you outline what elements are associated with bringing that vision into reality.

Craft a vision statement for how you will feel when you have created the next career/business goal. What components will be a part of this new role?

Maybe you are seeking a similar role in a new company. Your actions out of your vision may be:

  • Refine resume.
  • Update Linked In and get trained on how to build my brand on it.
  • Put my networking strategy together.
  • Take 1-3 minutes every day to read your vision statement and feel what it will be like when you have created this role.

Client example:
Joe wanted a position that was full-time, involved travel, paid what he was current earning or better, managing a team, and he wanted to love what he was doing. When Joe focused on these elements we described above, I asked him how he would feel. He said empowered, in love with his life, grateful and feeling that he had a lot of freedom. He did not know what the title would be nor what he would specifically be doing, as that was not important to him. Instead Joe stayed with how he wanted to feel in this next role. This allowed him to cast a wide net and be open when opportunity presented itself.

Joe’s first actions were around career exploration:

  • Working with me (his coach) to get clear on his values that make him happy in the workplace.
  • Narrowing down 2-3 possible paths or careers.
  • Having some informational conversations.

Once he got clear on his path, we then worked on his messaging, branding and networking strategy. Joe worked his plan and continued feeling what it would be like to be in a role that made him happy with the elements he described in his vision statement.

Joe’s ability to “feel into” what he was creating helped attract more interviews. He ended up having two job offers and selected the one that was his ideal company.

Like any goal we desire to create, it is important to put a system or plan around that goal in order to achieve it. Without a system or plan, you are shooting in the dark and cannot focus your energy toward what you truly desire. It is too easy to get distracted and pulled away by the negative and daily to dos; a plan gives your vision structure to manifest.

If you are looking to make a career change, start with your vision and give yourself permission to just sit in what it will feel like when you are there. This will get your juices flowing, move your attitude in a positive direction, and you will know what steps to take next on your career path.

To provide a next step action plan, I am offering a 3-month virtual class called The Art of Being in the Flow. This is an experiential class with opportunity to practice and to work with an accountability buddy and put practices in place to live in the flow and allow your creativity to manifest your desires.

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