How Do You Brand Yourself When You Are in a Career Change?

How Are You Being Proactive in Your Career?

It is so easy to become complacent in our life and in our careers, especially if we work for a great company, we are making good money and we feel secure. If this is your situation – congratulations! If you have reached a place of contentment and feel you are bringing value and are fulfilled, that is even better.

However, if you are feeling stuck and are at a loss of what is next, and you are just coasting without feeling inspired by your day, I would invite you to take stock.

How would you respond to these statements?

  • My work/career is both fulfilling and nourishing to me; I am not drained.
  • I am on a positive career path that leads to increased opportunities and raises.
  • I am highly regarded for my expertise by my manager, clients or colleagues.
  • I work in an industry or field that has a bright future.
  • My work is not my life, but it is a rich part of my life.
  • My work environment brings out the best in me; it is stimulating and supportive.
  • I look forward to going to work every day.
  • I work with great people.
  • At the end of the day, I have as much energy as I did when I started the day.
  • The work I do meets my intellectual, social, and/or emotional needs.

Which statements did not get a YES? Take note and ask yourself how you can begin to develop them in your current role. Think small as sometimes the idea can be overwhelming. Remember baby steps create the leaps.

The first step is recognizing where there might be an opportunity to grow and to expand your thinking when it comes to being proactive in creating the career that makes you feel fulfilled.

Per my recent resource guide by Josh Bersin – see downloadable here – it is up to you to create what is next in your career. These questions can be a start to assessing where you need to put your attention first or receive validation that you are doing great!

The next step is having an accountability buddy, a coach, a mentor or someone that can support you in your growth of creating an energizing and fulfilling career.

Create a vision for how you want to experience yourself as you create the career you desire and let your intuition guide you to who you need to develop relationships with that can support you in this new area of growth.

Taking the first step in assessing is key to being a proactive participant in growing your career and yourself.

If you need support and 1:1 coaching does not feel like a match for you, contact me to learn more about my career coaching group starting in August. This is a great time to get support and build accountability around being proactive in creating a career that fulfills you.