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I’ve worked closely with individuals from top companies across the country to help them become better leaders.

Here is what my past clients are saying.

“I have been working with Katie Smith over the course of the last year for personal self-growth and work related reasons. This was my first attempt at a life coach and I was a bit skeptical of what to expect during the process. After the first one on one session, I knew right away I should have been doing this years ago. Katie did not tell me what I needed to do or change in my life. She simply asked questions and opened the door for my own personal growth based decisions. She is professional, encouraging, and highly educated in this realm. The growth from our sessions has my work environment more efficient and productive than ever while keeping my personal life at peace in ways I never knew possible.”

Zac Ward, Vice President of Sales

“Katie is a tremendous asset to anyone who has aspirations to drive their career forward. I have worked with Katie during two important times throughout my career. During our first engagement, Katie helped me navigate a career a change by teaching me how to identify a career path and goals, and then create a plan to reach those goals. Most recently, I engaged with Katie to help me understand how to position myself to the senior leadership of my company as a valued and important contributor with the ultimate goal of gaining a promotion. In both instances, Katie’s methodologies, including creating accountability for me to deliver on the plan, helped me obtain my intended results. I have no doubt that my career has been elevated because of the tremendous executive coaching I have received from Katie.”

Jason Winston, Director of Marketing, Business Services, WOW! Business

Katie has been an amazing coach and has helped me tighten up my linked in profile, develop my value proposition, further develop my stories that show my skills in interviews. She has been a huge asset in role playing interviewing scenarios and helped prep me for my salary negotiation. Now that I have gotten a new job, she is going to help prep me for my first 90 days. I have enjoyed working with Katie immensely – she tells it like it is and I truly appreciate that!

Robin Reuben, Director of Training, Development & Operations

I have worked with Katie for the past two years and highly recommend her as a mentor, coach, professional partner/resource and friend. My past two years included focusing on managing stress productively so that I had better and realistic balance between my personal and professional life. Katie was also an excellent sounding board in hearing my ideas regarding developing, encouraging and engaging my team of Leaders. I am very appreciative of Katie’s strengths as an Executive and Career Coach!

Christine Bass, Vice President Branch Operations LBS Financial Credit Union

Katie inspires me. She takes a whole person approach to coaching and recognizes that successful career development is interdependent with healthy life balance! With her help, encouragement and insight, I have developed greater confidence and trust in myself as a manager and leader. I have learned how to be more open while holding healthy boundaries.

Anne Lattime, Attorney

The Art of Being in the Flow was just what I needed to Relax, Refocus and Re-energize! Katie’s approach helped me set a vision and she supported me through moving from information and data into trusting my intuition. The class provided many practices that have been easy to incorporate into my daily routine. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to set and achieve new goals and desires.

Jean Pahlke, Change Management Consultant & Coach

I had the pleasure to work with Katie recently and very much enjoyed my experience. Katie is professional, insightful and practical. My time with her helped me understand my true career interests and I learned how to highlight my experiences and tailor them to my interests. Katie’s approach to coaching is productive and inspiring. I would absolutely recommend Katie to anyone seeking guidance and direction in their career.

Steven Zych, Business Development Manager at Bloomingdales

Just say yes. Intuitive, engaged, smart. Katie B has an almost uncanny gift for helping people recognize their passions and most logical paths with an approach that is part Socratic and part really good listening. I was on the fence about embarking on a new direction in my work when Katie helped me shift into a better mindset after thorough evaluation of how I think and what I am best suited for. I highly recommend working with Katie B if you are wanting to figure something out. She’ll help you get answers.

Kathy Sullivan, President at Six Degrees Studio

My marketing business of 16 years was at a tipping point and I knew that finding the right executive coach would be critical to my future success. I was referred to Katie by a high-power sales executive who had worked with her and achieved outstanding results. I’ve been working with Katie for a year now, and she has helped me shift to a leadership mentality. This has enabled me to grow my business in an effective and more purposeful way with greater ease and phenomenal results. Katie meets me where I am and has provided me the tools and structure I’ve needed to get to the next level.

Cindy Skerjanec, Smart Marketing to Accelerate Your Business

Katie is an enthusiastic and motivating coach who has the ability to listen well, understand your goals, and help you breakthrough barriers to achieve them. She will challenge you, encourage you, brainstorm solutions with you, and always support you wholeheartedly. She is a terrific thought partner in helping you gain new insights about yourself, and to focus on what’s really important. Having worked with her for several months during a time of transition, I can highly recommend Katie as a compassionate and effective personal or business coach.

Kendra Haaland, Producer

Katie is an incisive coach and success partner. She helped me get very clear about what I wanted in both work and a work culture. After her coaching, I know I won’t “settle” for a job that isn’t a great fit for me and my value system. While being coached by Katie, I found just the right role, with just the right company. As a sales and learning development professional, I’m used to putting a “return on investment” to everything I do. With Katie, the ROI is exponential!

Mike Faber, Sales Trainer at Zoom Video Communications

Katie has an extraordinary listening ability to extract what is most important to you and what is in the way of creating the life you want. Her integrative approach removes the separation between professional, physical, relationship, and spiritual goals. With Katie as my coach over six months, my vision statement became a reality and I now have the peace, passion and presence to trust myself and move forward with purpose and freedom.

Dusty Meehan, Principal, Chief Marketing and Business Development Strategist at Choice Digital Marketing Agency

I learned to acknowledge myself more, I can fail, and it will be okay, that I can do this and I still have room to grow. Our peer group sessions together was sacred, and we protected it. I increased my confidence as a leader and contributor within my organization.

Katie challenges me to think about possibilities, to approach stuff in a different way, she listens to our feedback and may make adjustments (i.e. we didn’t like role play, so she incorporated different types of exercises).

Shannon Godbold, Clinical Affairs Manager at Terumo BCT

I experienced the building of trust and getting to know each other, learned how to begin to integrate my head and heart in how I lead and live; giving others the benefit of the doubt. I am better able to trust myself and others.

The peer group sessions were high quality, new ideas and exercises each on a theme or direction, Katie’s style was easy and comfortable with an appropriate level of challenge to get me thinking about the related topics. It was very beneficial to me professionally and personally.

Christopher Graybill, Clinical Research Scientist at Terumo BCT

I improved my communication skills with a direct focus on direct communication and leaning into conflict rather than avoiding it. I have greater self-confidence and a shift in turning within to solve problems rather than looking to others to change. I learned that I love coaching, mentoring and leading others and have a great skill set to do so. I have tolerances, triggers and other areas of potential growth – sessions with Katie brought this to the surface, so I had an awareness on what to work on.

Katie worked to build a foundation with our group before diving into deep topics, bringing coworkers together who “liked” working with each other to creating a safe space to be vulnerable in our sessions and build a level of trust within our group that enabled us to excel. Katie is direct and to the point, which at times is very much needed and appreciated in order to identify opportunities for growth. She is also kind and a good listener; it is therefore easy to talk to her and feel comfortable talking about personal things in a work setting. Katie offered 1:1 sessions for our group members if we felt the need to follow up on any specific topic or felt the need to work with her in confidence. This program provided us the space to build an amazing team that has been tested through rough waters with our Director leaving. There is no doubt we survived and rocked this situation due to this coaching experience with Katie.

Tammi Sattler, Manager, Clinical Contracts & Outsourcing at Terumo BCT

I enjoyed the bonding with the team and creating a tribe. I gained more confidence as a leader to my direct reports and gained confidence to explore advancement opportunities within my organization. I learned that I don’t have to fear the process or state of being in conflict.

The quality of our peer group sessions was really good, challenging, liked the variety of tools, cards, etc. Katie’s style was sometimes challenging to me, but it showed the ways I still avoid conflict and makes me realize there is still room to grow. I aspire to improve.

Marty Huntington, Clinical Affairs Manager at Terumo BCT

“Katie was my executive coach as well as conducted group coaching for 6 manager level employees. It was a challenging and yet rewarding experience for everyone. Katie is very effective at stopping the “story” and empowering individuals to take ownership and creating life experiences that YOU want, rather than being a victim of circumstances. It’s a bit challenging at first to go within oneself but it’s also incredibly empowering and freeing to let go of the external focus and rather only focus on oneself and how I want life to be, how I choose to respond to circumstances around me, etc. I could visibly see the transition of my staff as they evolved through the challenging aspects and came out the other side as much happier individuals as well as more effective managers. I highly recommend Katie individually as well as for teams.”

Beth Crump, Director, Global Clinical Affairs at Terumo BCT

“Working with Katie has been a game changing experience for both my current professional growth and future career exploration. Her focus on expanding and leveraging my strengths, identifying opportunity areas, and understanding what my career outlook could be in the future has be eye opening. If you are looking to improve your professional skill-set or a coach for identifying other career opportunities, I recommend Katie to help with clearing this path.”

Erick Whittier, Business Team Leader at The Clorox Company

“As the CEO of a business, working with Katie has been invaluable in helping me stay accountable in my role as a leader and in growing the company. Katie’s coaching has helped me better identify my blind-spots and hold me accountable to execute on strategies that improve my overall performance and therefore my organization. Katie has also helped my team strengthen our communication skills, and increase respect for our individual differences while providing new tools that allow us to work together more effectively.”

Stephanie Klein, CEO Experience Factor

“A Reformed ‘Coach-Skeptic,’ That’s what I would call myself. I now regularly recommend Katie B. to friends and colleagues. Katie’s professionalism and leadership, and her intelligence and resources have allowed me to take my professional career to new heights. Her intuition and EQ have also provided steady guidance– critical in navigating new professional and personal waters. I will continue to recommend Katie to friends and colleagues and am thrilled she made an enthusiastic believer out of me!”

Julie Huls, President, Austin Technology Council

“Katie has many gifts that she delivers as you work with her through the coaching process. The biggest benefits that I received in working together were 1. She seeks to understand you and what is holding you back from getting what you deserve. She digs in deep with you and uncovers areas of your business life and uses that to assist you in getting where you need to go 2. She is high in EQ, and very positive always. She uses techniques to work with you as fast or slow as you need to progress towards your goal. She uses a variety of ideas, methods, and process which feels comfortable because she is allowing you the time to understand and absorb these ideas at your pace. When you work with her, its not about being the same, its about growth and getting to open up for more greatness in your life 3. She is all about being your champion and helping you to secure what you want in order to be successful in feeling great about your desired path.”

Elaine DiLisio / Fractional Sales Leader | Outsourced VP of Sales | at Cordillera Advisor Group

“Katie did a great job of customizing the program to the needs of our group, all of whom were beginners. I have attended many team building events but none have generated the enthusiasm and excitement of this retreat.”

Mark Fuqua Senior Vice President, Comerica Bank, Texas

“Katie has helped guide me through some big career transitions, and each time, I have ended up in a better place–both personally and financially.”

Theresa Casey, VP Strategic Business Development, Leapfrog Online

“I’ve explored coaching before, now I am a believer. If you have a circumstance, opportunity, or obstacle you want to face head on, bring Katie along for the ride. Katie has proven her value over and over as a coach with relentless focus and impact. Embrace the change you know you need. It is real with Katie.”

Caroline Wyatt, Vice President Human Resources

“Katie B. Smith is an extraordinarily gifted coach.  Life is filled with ups and downs that can literally wear you down.  Katie is a masterful guide who listens to you and asks thought-provoking questions that help you to figure out what’s holding you back and then a way forward.  Her approach removes all the muck that piles up along the road of life, which create roadblocks to success.  In that process, Katie helps you to reconnect to your inner energy…your brilliance.  She then teaches you how to use that to create massive success that seems effortless…it almost feels like whiplash it happens so fast!  I highly recommend Katie B. Smith if you’re serious about transforming your life, your business or your team!”

Debbie Josendale, President 3C Marketing Group, LLC

“I highly recommend coaching with Katie to others who want to increase their emotional intelligence at the workplace, and feel more comfortable about navigating the job market, developing a unique professional value proposition, and clarify/track professional goals. Katie helps the individuals she coaches through the establishment of clear goals/objectives for the duration of the engagement and working to those goals. Through my work with Katie, I learned how to look at the workplace differently, and to approach it with more confidence, and this work helped me in all aspects of my life.”

Michael Schwarz, Vice President – Software Development/TantaComm

“Katie is a terrific career coach who is engaging and helpful. She listens closely and also gets to the point to ensure your time together is effective. I enjoyed my conversations with her and always took away specific action items that were right for me. I highly recommend working with Katie to get really targeted in finding a job you’ll love.”

Sara Travison, Sr. Business Analyst / Product Manager at iHerb

“Katie is a gifted and masterful coach. I was fortunate to find her during a period of difficult decision making in my life. She has been a true God-send providing support and bringing clarity to my thinking. Katie’s gift is creating a safe environment for me to discover my own path and then supporting that decision. She is funny and friendly and smart and that makes every call fun. Thank you Katie!”

Debbie Ross, Professional Career Coaching and Recruiting at IMPACT Group

“Katie is a talented executive coach with a keen sense for enabling self discovery, professional (and personal) growth, and recognizing your own potential. She does this by offering a unique viewpoint into how you think and perceive yourself and others. The result is the realization of new skills, knowledge of how to capitalize on your strengths, and use these tools to become a successful and authentic leader. I highly recommend Katie for those who are looking to develop their professional skills and relationships or are searching for greater focus and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.”

Tim Bauer, PhD, Director | Drug Development Tools at SomaLogic

“I had the opportunity to work with Katie when I decided to transition to a new company with a new role and greater responsibility. Working with Katie helped me focus, prepare and ensure I was ready for the task at hand. I have achieved my goal with her guidance. I strongly recommend Katie!!!”

Jodi Foster, Senior Project/Program Manager/Strategic Consultant at Ultra Corporation

“Katie Smith is an incredible professional coach. I hired her when contemplating starting my own business and she has been an invaluable partner along the way. Katie’s coaching approach in working through decisions brings out the best in an individual and gives confidence in the result. As a part of the coaching, Katie is constantly supplementing the sessions with additional resources that are very beneficial.

While this is my first time working with a professional coach, I would recommend it for anyone who strives to challenge yourself personally and professionally to become a better you, and I would recommend that Katie Smith is the partner to help you get there.”

Eric Roark, CPA, Strategic (CFO), Roark Financial Solutions, Inc.

“I asked Katie to help me find the clarity I needed to truly know what it was I was meant to do and wanted to do next…and that’s exactly what she did. Through her guidance and carefully crafted coaching, Katie helped me gain clarity at a time when things were incredibly cloudy in my career. After just a few sessions, I was able to see again and with that vision, I found what I was looking for…all of this within a 2 month process. I couldn’t be happier and I know I have Katie to thank for getting me going!”

Jackie Diener, Director of Studio Operations at Living Spaces Furniture

“Katie has provided me with terrific help and support throughout my job search process. Without her, I would not have landed a truly great position as quickly as I did. Regardless of how busy she was, Katie made herself available to answer my last minute questions before some important job interviews, and always lifted my spirits by providing her perspective – and down-to-earth attitude – on the entire job search process. She is one of the best coaches I met during my professional career!”

Inga Vailionis, PhD, Market and Customer Research Manager at Google – Nest

“Katie Smith has been an amazing resource with profound insight and very logical guidance. During a time of transition, she brings a sense of stability, providing a forward vision that is so needed. This neutral view of my career has been a huge benefit as I merge the past with the future direction while utilizing all the talents and skills I’ve developed over time. I find her bright, positive and uniquely able to tell me what is needed, just when it’s needed. Finally, it is simply fun working with Katie.”

Susan V. Musgrave, MBA, Sundance Consulting, Inc.

“I worked with Katie recently where she provided guidance and advice to me as a career coach. I found her advice on a number of topics to be timely, applicable, and very useful. For example, Katie’s guidance helped me rapidly expand my professional network. In addition, Katie provided illuminating perspectives on certain career decisions. I highly recommend Katie.”

Robert A. Rango, President and CEO at Enevate Corporation

“For the past year Katie has been a mentor, coach and guide as I’ve navigated through tremendous personal and professional transition. We may not realize that we have the courage to live the life we want to live, however, with a bit of guidance we’re able to more clearly identify and hold onto our professional values, align them to our personal values and ultimately live the life we’ve intended for ourselves and our families. My professional life has taken many twists and turns during our first year working together. After 14 highly succesful year at a large global organization I’m on to a new, unforseen journey, a path that I wouldn’t have seen had I not developed an appropriate level of self-awareness. Fear has been replaced by excitement and empowerment. Katie has encouraged me to “flex” newly developed muscles, continue creating and ultimately, remaining true to myself…..easier said than done! I can’t thank or recommend Katie enough. I’ll make the same recommendation that was made to me over a year ago, get in touch with Katie!”

Sean Lightner, VP of Sales and Marketing, Flagger Force Traffic Control Services

“I had the honor of working with Executive Coach/Mentor Katie B. Smith over a six month period. I must say it was life changing. Katie provided both technical and practical advice. She listens intently & guides her client with a gentle but candid manor down the road to success. She assisted me in creating a ‘tried & true’ method of system and language skills of both strength and delivery. I have recommended her services to many and will continue to do so.”

Annette Flower, Account Executive, ACN

“I have been working with Katie for several months and it has made a huge impact on me both personally and professionally. I have a different outlook on my career and am able to deal with various work situations more thoughtfully. As a result, I find myself more relaxed and less stressed which has given me more energy.”

Debbie Little, SPHR, Assistant Director of Human Resources, HSS

“I have worked with Katie off and on over the past couple years, and I very much value her ability to gently yet effectively guide me in creating awareness, holding the intention of what I want, and acting on my intuition. Katie’s balanced approach to career and life coaching helped me create a quality of life that benefits both me personally and my work.”

Lindsay Faussone, VP Business Development, Trust Company of America

“As a career coach, Katie has an extraordinary gift for saying the right thing at the right time, on point and with extraordinary human compassion, intelligence and intuition. Katie’s gift is so strong, there is no question in my mind that helping executives sort through significant career choices and decisions is her true life purpose.”

Susan Penny Brown, Owner, My Career Coach, Susan, Inc.

“I hadn’t had experience working with a recruiter in my 30 year career, Katie was my first. I highly recommend her to companies or clients to use if you are interested in getting conscious support to find the right person with the right energy for the right fit. She has the ability to listen critically to your background and your needs. The thing that impressed me the most was her high touch after the placement.

She is simple the highest level of integrity you can find.”

Jana S. Heckerman, Learning and Development Consultant

“I sought Katie’s coaching services because I knew I wanted to experience growth both personally and professionally.  I have learned so much through working with Katie; most importantly, how to take care of myself to improve my quality of life while still growing our company.  I have become a much more effective communicator, both as a doctor and an employer.  I highly recommend Katie as I feel each coaching session builds new awareness, improved strategies, and assists in creating a clear vision for growth.”

Leah Hahn, D.C. at Body In Balance Chiropractic, P.C.

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