Delegating Properly: Here’s How To Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time

Recently we have been examining the topic of what we tolerate verse what we accept. Tolerations are things we endure. As a professional, I want you to notice what you are putting up with. Is it a desk with stacks of paper that need filing, working through lunch, the pervasiveness of email or the Internet, or not enough time to set strategy and vision for your business or your life?


It is important that you are clear about the things you are tolerating and make a decision how to get them handled. There is often an opportunity to delegate the tasks that you don’t enjoy or are not good at doing. Perhaps you don’t enjoy filing, and as the papers stack up on your desk, you think to yourself, “I need to get those filed.” This immediately causes you to think negatively about yourself, which takes energy and mental space in your head. When your energy and mental space is consumed by something negative, it doesn’t allow the space in your head to create and to think. By simply delegating the tasks you don’t like doing, you free up the space in your head to innovate and energize yourself towards achieving the goals you desire for your business or life.

To be our best possible and productive self, it is best to play to our strengths. Your strengths involve skills where you excel and make you feel energized.


How to Know What to Delegate

  • Make a list of all the things you don’t like doing or feel you are tolerating.
  • Circle the ones you can delegate to someone else – hire the task out, do a trade or ask a favor of someone.
  • Take the necessary action to delete the tasks you no longer want to do.
  • The tasks left on the list are the ones you then have to accept. Ask yourself what you need to shift in your thinking to accept this toleration and no longer feel like you are putting up with it.

By delegating tolerations that zap your energy, you will experience more joy, more fun and more energy to put towards the dreams, goals and visions that you desire to create in your life and in your work.

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Happy Delegation,


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