How to Be an Impactful Leader

I want to address the topic of your awareness around your impact as a leader.


What kind of impact are you making in your organization? When thinking about the impact of successful leaders the adjectives that come to mind are approachable, authentic, transparent communicators, vulnerable, presence, inspiring and positive among others.

In order to bring your full potential as a leader to your organization and team it is so important that when you think of these adjectives, look at how they relate to yourself. How you are leading YOU determines how you lead companies and teams.

Great leaders learn to be curious with themselves and their behaviors and beliefs. When you begin to be curious with yourself this opens your awareness. There are many choices in how you choose to align and lead from your strengths. Once you are aware on the paths available then you are able to decide the behavior that best supports the vision of how you desire to make a positive impact through your leadership. This is what we call coaching for development. This is where you can begin to coach the who of you verse trying to fix an external problem. Coaching the who is what builds sustainable change. This opens awareness and aligns you with your authentic nature, your natural gifts and your talents as a leader.

3 Tips for Developing Your Impact as a Leader:

  • Develop your vision of how you want to lead. What are the qualities that come to mind?
  • How are you being an example of these qualities? How are you not?
  • Pick one quality you want to strengthen. Decide one action to start taking every day towards developing that quality in yourself.

Notice what thoughts, situations or people prevent you from feeling these qualities. What gets in the way of you being accountable to practicing these attributes? Once you are aware of what is sabotaging you, there is an opportunity to shift that behavior to a pattern that supports you growing into the leader you desire.

Celebrate every step you take towards harnessing this quality as a natural pattern in your way of leading.

The more you practice the faster it becomes a part of you. Before you know it you are a leader that impacts through inspiration, authenticity and presence.


As you begin to embody these qualities you will see your professional and personal relationships with your colleagues, direct reports and superiors shift in a positive way. Because we learn by example, by taking ownership and committing to being a positive, impactful leader your teams will be empowered to do the same.

Make an Impact,



If becoming a more effective and authentic leader is something you would like more information on support around building your leadership impact please visit my Be Authentic Program. If you are feeling the pull to grow professionally in your current role or create a new direction in your career, please heed the call and schedule a complimentary Discovery Session today.