Why Not Move from Effort to Ease?

Why Not Move from Effort to Ease?

I have noticed a pattern in most of my coaching sessions with clients that we have been trained as a culture to constantly push, to make an effort and to make things happen. One of the drivers of this behavior is not trusting that the timing of what we are creating is good enough. As leaders of companies, teams and individuals, we think we have to control the outcome when the reality is we have to hold the vision and let go of expectations. What you do have control over is where you are directing your thoughts, energy and attention as you create the next thing in your life and work. You have control over what is going on internally not what is going on externally.

Being a type A driven woman, I am very familiar with this type of behavior. It has served me many times in my work and in my personal life. What I learned this past year is allowing more of my intuition to step in and guide my actions. When I go into efforting, my shoulders and jaw get tight, I feel anxious, etc. I have these physical reactions and feel I have to act immediately. I have been noticing not only when these reactions show up in my day but also when I am sitting on my meditation cushion. It is wired in my nervous system. By putting attention on it and allowing myself to let go, I feel and make myself relax in the midst of the experience. I surrender into allowing it to be the way it is, and by being this way, it happens at exactly the right time without it being stressful for me.

With the holiday season upon us and so much stress from our culture, environment and our families, I want to invite you to take a moment and notice when you are efforting. These simple steps will support you in shifting from efforting to ease.

  • Put attention on your body when you feel you are efforting and trying to make something happen.
  • What is your body telling you?
  • Begin to breathe (at least 3 long deep breaths) into where the tension is in your body.
  • Allow yourself to relax in the midst of the tension you are feeling.
  • Anchor in your mind these words: Ease and Effortless.
  • Tell yourself it is okay to trust and know that all will work out the way it is supposed to.

This is how we rewire our nervous system and our brains to learn to go with the flow, dance with the challenges and listen to our body wisdom to support us in surrendering into the joy of this amazing season.

Embody the Joy,