Recent Striving to be the Best

Assume the Best about People

“You never know if people are doing the best they can, but if you assume that they are, it makes your life better. To assume the best about people is a selfish act because the life you change first is your own.” Brene Brown What if you walked through your day holding the idea that […]Read More >

Steps for Learning How to Really Listen

In a world where we are impacted by so many distractions and deadlines everyday, it can be hard to put your focus on slowing down and make a commitment to only listen without multitasking. Listening builds your emotional IQ, and it is not only a big part of what builds a powerful presence, but it […]Read More >

Being a Powerful Presence

Presence is something we have and yet how often do you put attention on how you are bringing yourself to a certain situation? If you begin by observing yourself in a conversation, a meeting, or when a challenge arises, you can raise your awareness with how you are being present or if you are not. […]Read More >