How to Keep Your Energy Clear

How to Keep Your Energy Clear

Energy is what we are made of; it is a gift and an offering to learn how to manage, use, and benefit from working with it so it works for you. It is learning how to let our energy work for us.

In my book, Be Happy Now, I talk a lot about body, mind and heart and clearing out the clutter in order to get more congruent with yourself. In my playbook, which is part of my Be Whole Coaching Program, I talk about the how of creating this congruency and the energetics of living a congruent life in more detail.

Seeing we are all energy and how we are impacted by the energy of others and the energy of our environments, it is very important to know how to keep your own energy clear so you can remain in a state of relaxation to attract what you desire and impact your relationships and environments in a positive way.

A strong energy field deflects stress and negativity and magnetizes opportunity. We become a magnet and learn to use this energy field to help us create that which we desire in our lives. The stronger the energy field, the easier it is to stay clear of what you want in your life verses taking care of everyone else before yourself. When we take care of everyone else before ourselves, it becomes an obligation and not from the space of love. When your tank is full and you feel centered and balanced, then you are giving out of pure love. In order to create a strong energy field, it is required to listen to your body, to use your breath, and to be mindful of the influences you are around.

Ever had one of those days that just didn’t go well, you felt off, someone was in a bad mood, and it got you off kilter? Had a bad meeting at work that ruined your whole day? These all impact your nervous system and your energy frequency. It is natural for us to pick up the energy of another or be impacted by negative and positive interactions and environments.

It is key that not only managing our energy is important but also keeping it clear. In my last blog, I talked about how to manage and become aware of your energy, and now I am speaking about keeping your energy intact and clear.

There are several practices that help in keeping your energy clear, and it is more than just thinking about it. You have to involve your body and your breath.

  • Shaking the various parts of your body is a good way to shake off any feelings or energy that is not serving you.
  • Taking an Epsom salt bath clears your energy field and relaxes all your muscles in your body.
  • Playing high energy music and dancing.
  • Being in nature; plants are a natural filter for negative energy.
  • Taking a shower.

A daily practice of keeping your energy clear will impact your meetings, relationships and how you lead your companies, teams and families. Practice the ideas above or the exercise at the bottom of this page and notice how your energy feels afterwards and how this impacts your day.

Be Clear,

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