Secrets for Being in the Flow

The Secrets for Being in the Flow

We are only energy; if you look at your body as a source of pure energy and allow that to be your guide as you navigate work and life situations, I believe it is easier to stay in a state of flow.

A state of flow doesn’t allow for resistance; some people call it being in the zone. It is that space that we have all experienced at one time or another. When clarity is available, insights happen and awareness opens.

What are the components of being in the flow?

  • You feel relaxed in your body and mind.
  • You are aware of your energy level.
  • You give yourself permission to allow what is happening.
  • You trust your intuition to guide you.

With so much information and busyness in our lives, it is imperative more than ever to increase our ability to mono task and be present in each moment. This gives us space to slow down and to be able to be aware of our energy in the moment.

Key Steps to Flow:

  • Slow down your breath: This slows down your mind.
  • Monitor your feelings: If feeling anxious, worried, or angry, do something that will calm you down.
  • If feeling sluggish and low energy: Do something that picks up your energy – try jumping jacks, reading something inspirational, laughing, dancing, move your body.
  • Notice when you are in a state of flow: When you attract things you desire effortlessly, when synchronicity happens and celebrate that you are in the flow, tell a friend how you are relaxing and attracting.
  • Use the mantra: I relax to attract – relaxing is key to becoming magnetic, which is a result of being in the flow.
  • Keep practicing this way of being.

Our energy impacts the environments we inhibit and the people we are around. It is crucial for you to be aware of your own energy and how you manage it. When you relax, you automatically can attract what you need when you need it because relaxing opens your energy to receive.

A few examples of how our energy impacts others:

My kids were brought up in a house of mediation from the time they were born, so they knew what that meditative space felt like. When my son Shelby was four years old, he had gone to bed and couldn’t sleep. He came into my room and said, “Mom, will you meditate so I can go to sleep?” I meditated for 11 minutes, went into his room and he was fast asleep.

He knew at 4 years old when I was calm, he felt calmer.

I was walking my daughter Taylor’s dog, Desi, and I had not walked her before. She would stop and dig in some of the bushes trying to find mice, snakes and other creatures. This would make me anxious because I thought if she caught one, what do I do? I could feel my body tense up when she would do this, and I had fearful thoughts running in my head. When I recognized what I was doing, I consciously gave myself permission to breath long, deep and relax my body; the minute I did that, my energy shifted and Desi didn’t want to dig in the bush anymore but led me to start walking again. This all happened in less than 30 seconds. I practiced this all the way home, and every time I opened to relaxing, Desi was ready to walk again.

This example shows how I opened my field of awareness around my energy. Once I did this, the external shifted. Think about all the ways you could start practicing this – anytime you become upset or notice tension in your body or mind. Tell your mind to relax with your breath, and watch as your body relaxes along with your mind and notice what occurs … the magical art of being in the flow.

Be the Flow,

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