How to Look at Challenges as Gifts of Consciousness

How to Look at Challenges as Gifts of Consciousness

I have come to realize that all the challenges in our lives are here to teach us more about loving ourselves and each other, and that the end game is not about a certain goal, but embodying more love.

I live an abundant, rich, fulfilling life that I love and have had the wonderful experience this past month of getting clear on the things I feel challenged by in my life. The recent challenges have given me the opportunity to look at my boundaries around people, situations and myself. The challenge for me was blurry boundaries run amuck in relationships with specific people in my life.

I typically don’t have a problem setting and holding boundaries in my business relationships; when it comes to personal relationships with certain people, I notice how I let my heart take over and the boundaries become blurred, out of the unconscious need to want to hold on to my expectations of what I want the relationship to be.

I have realized that being in relationship is not about needing each other. It is about desiring to be with each other and love each other. Being in relationship doesn’t mean the challenges go away; they are an opportunity to let what is uncomfortable in the relationship teach me more about loving myself. When I take this perspective, it allows for me to love my friends, partners, etc., with fewer conditions.

What I have realized is when my boundaries get blurry and I don’t honor my truth, I sabotage myself in relationship. The boundaries set up the infrastructure in a relationship, just like when we set goals around what we desire to create. Typically, we put a plan around how we are going to achieve those goals, which is what I call the infrastructure that supports the creativity of the goals manifesting.

Our consciousness determines what we attract into our lives; it is the compass for how to navigate the challenges. Challenges give you an opportunity to take what is showing up outside of you and how that relates to what you need to learn or instill inside yourself.

Key steps for working with challenging situations:

  • To be curious and ask what is this challenge (whether a person or situation) teaching me about myself?
  • What do I need in this relationship, situation, etc.?
  • What do I need to let go of?
  • How will this help me love myself deeper?

This month I have become aware that by allowing the challenges that show up to teach me about what I need around the topic of boundaries in relationships, I have learned when I need to speak up, be more curious, stop assuming, release expectations, and acknowledge more.

How to Look at Challenges as Gifts of Consciousness

The challenges are a gift to teach me about embodying more love. In doing this, I stay in the flow of what is trying to emerge in my conscious awareness. The more I honor me and acknowledge what the gift is in the challenges, the deeper I can love and the more I can acknowledge and love the ones I am with.

I invite you to receive the gift of the challenges, signals, signs and awareness you are having in your life. Take time to listen to your deeper truth of what they are here to teach you and reap the rewards to awaken your consciousness and your life to the growth opportunity in front of you.

Honor the Challenges,