Recent Growth

Why Not Move from Effort to Ease?

I have noticed a pattern in most of my coaching sessions with clients that we have been trained as a culture to constantly push, to make an effort and to make things happen. One of the drivers of this behavior is not trusting that the timing of what we are creating is good enough. As […]Read More >

Is Your Confidence Sabotaging Your Business?

As Women Business Owners, you are challenged on a daily basis to strengthen your self-confidence and build your courage muscle. This includes learning where to take risks, how to pick yourself up after making a bad decision, and how to strengthen and to harness your confidence. This can be a prevailing undercurrent you feel all […]Read More >

Self-Confidence – Are You Growing It?

As an Executive Woman, self-confidence is important to put attention on, especially when you are working in a male dominated environment. Self-confidence is an internal strength; once you have it, you feel secure, safe, trust yourself and you harness your own power. I want to offer a perspective for women to start paying attention to […]Read More >

How to Step Up and Bring Your Brilliance

What does it mean to bring your brilliance as a leader? How are you leading yourself? “A leader is one who holds the space for the brilliance of others”, an amazing quote from Marianne Williamson. How are you accomplishing this, in your company, your family, your life?   To listen to this podcast whenever you […]Read More >

How to be Awake to Your Life

In my soon-to-be published book, Be Happy Now – Claim the Life You Deserve, I examine how to incorporate wholeness into one’s life. Wholeness refers to how to awaken yourself to how you live with and work with your body, mind and heart. The focus is to stay present and awake to these aspects of […]Read More >