How to Be Awake to Your Life - Katie B. Smith

How to be Awake to Your Life

In my soon-to-be published book, Be Happy Now – Claim the Life You Deserve, I examine how to incorporate wholeness into one’s life. Wholeness refers to how to awaken yourself to how you live with and work with your body, mind and heart.

The focus is to stay present and awake to these aspects of your being by listening to each of them and knowing when they are speaking to you in a way that serves your growth. Out of this concept, I have created a 12-month playbook with exercises for every week of the month centered on bringing more wholeness, ease and fun into your life called the BE Whole Journey.


The definition of whole refers to something in one piece, in an unbroken or undamaged state. How do you begin to look at your life from this perspective? Your true nature is wholeness, and sometimes we forget that and get thrown off track into our negative thinking and ignore what our intuition, body and heart are trying to tell us.


In my book, I have broken it down into three areas to discuss, observe and create practices that move you into more wholeness in order to tap into more of your potential. It is important to create a practice around strategies that you desire to implement as this is what helps rewire your brain and body to support you in living into more of your wholeness, well-being and potential.


You may be asking why this is important. In putting attention on these 3 areas of yourself, you begin to integrate them and no longer live isolated from parts of yourself or others. Wholeness is inclusive, allowing, open and loving. By not paying attention to all aspects of self, we create boundaries within our own mind and heart, which makes way for fear to enter instead of love. Wholeness incorporates loving all parts of yourself, including the good and the bad because LOVE heals. We are then able to be accountable and conscious of choosing to be happy in attitude no matter what the situation may be in front of us.


3 Simple Steps to Awaken to Your Wholeness

  • Tune into your body, notice how it feels. What is your body trying to tell you? Listen to it.
  • Observe your thoughts. What are you telling yourself? What can you do to shift the negative thoughts to more loving, kind thoughts?
  • Close your eyes, put both hands on your heart, sit in the quiet and listen. Focus on the beat of your heart. What is the voice in the center of your heart guiding you towards?

Take the answers to these questions and create one action towards the direction your body, mind and heart are guiding you.


Journal the outcome of those actions and begin again.


A regular practice of putting attention on your wholeness is awakening you to live in the space of positivity instead of negativity. It is an intention of honoring and creating reverence for the wisdom you hold and guiding you to a gentler, more conscious way of being. This can only move you closer to deep fulfillment and awaken true happiness.


If these words intrigue you, please check out my 12-month BE Whole Journey program or feel free to contact me to discuss by scheduling a Discovery Session today by clicking here.


Live Awake,