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Sparkle on While Being in the Flow


I want to talk about how being in the flow supports you finding your own sparkle. Let me define what I mean by Sparkle; sparkle is what we experience when we meet someone that is electric. We are taken by their presence, we desire to be around them, we feel relaxed, energized and inspired all […]Read More >

How to Look at Challenges as Gifts of Consciousness


I have come to realize that all the challenges in our lives are here to teach us more about loving ourselves and each other, and that the end game is not about a certain goal, but embodying more love. I live an abundant, rich, fulfilling life that I love and have had the wonderful experience […]Read More >

How to Stay Committed to a Practice of Silence


“Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality.” Abraham Lincoln While we can start with our own practice of sitting in silence, I highly recommend that sometimes it helps to also combine that by practicing in a group. The energy of a group can be very supportive and allows us to tap into the […]Read More >

How to Start a Practice of Silence for You and Your Organization


I sat in silence this morning with a group of people in a one hour meditation led by a man that was reading various quotations by Krishna Das. Krishna Das is a very popular musician that chants songs of devotion to the divine, and it is quite beautiful. I spent an hour sitting in the […]Read More >

How to Keep Your Energy Clear


Energy is what we are made of; it is a gift and an offering to learn how to manage, use, and benefit from working with it so it works for you. It is learning how to let our energy work for us. In my book, Be Happy Now, I talk a lot about body, mind […]Read More >