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Inspiration vs. Motivation – What is the Distinction?


I have found that training myself to being in a state of inspiration allows me and the clients I have worked with be in a state of flow where things that I desire happen easily and effortlessly. How does being in a state of inspiration allow more good to flow in? I realized recently that […]Read More >

Simple Tips That Help Shape Your Happiness


I have found in my own life that I am the decisive element to experiencing more happiness in my life. I wasn’t always happy; there was a time I didn’t even know what made me happy. I was dealing with lots of life circumstances, including divorce, loss, and overwhelm, and it was a time I […]Read More >

The 3 Best Tips for Staying in Flow


I hear a lot of people say they have a hard time staying in the flow. It can be especially hard when a lot is going on, and if we are deep in darkness and feel negative, confusion and overwhelm, these are the times that are teaching me something about myself or someone else. There […]Read More >

How Adversity in the Job Search Helps You Grow


Adversity is defined as difficulties or misfortune; like all challenges, they are opportunities for us to expand the way we think about them and how to navigate them. They create resistance, and if you think of a river that comes up against rock (resistance), it flows over it, through it and around it. The opportunity […]Read More >

How to Manage Expectations in the Job Search and Hiring Process


Any time we put expectations on ourselves, it stops us from being aware of the present moment. Expectations have us immediately shift into future or past thinking, which robs us of the present moment. Begin robbed of the present moment makes it harder to be curious and open to possibility thinking. Prior to an interview, […]Read More >