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The Way Forward is to Offer it Up

A way forward to navigate challenges and obsessive thinking is to give it up to the Divine, Source, GOD, intuition – whatever you call your higher power. Stop obsessing about it, and offer it up to that which is bigger than you. Turn it over and let the magical forces guide you and reveal what […]Read More >

Authentic Love Fuels the Way Forward to Flow


As I talked about in my newsletter this month, Authentic LOVE is our fuel for moving us forward to staying in a state of being that is FLOW. Over this quarter, I have outlined my FLOW methodology for how to stay in a state of FLOW as a way of being in your life. As […]Read More >

Thinking You Need to be Extraordinary Sabotages You


In the last month, I had a great awareness based on a dream I had a few months ago. The dream had a graduation in it, and my dream-tending therapist asked me what graduation meant to me. I said accomplishing something, achievement, a step towards growing into the next phase of my life. I proceeded […]Read More >

Stuck in Your Job Search? Learn How to FLOW


Over half of my coaching practice is working with professionals and executives that are in career transition and interested in creating their next role. It doesn’t matter if someone was laid off, took time off to be deliberate in creating their next role, or is interested in finding more fulfilling work, they all have something […]Read More >

What is Your LOVE Frequency?


Since we are in the month of love, what a perfect time to really be intentional in giving ourselves permission to have some fun and do something out of the ordinary with ourselves and those we love. Experiment, try something different, love yourself and those you are with more deeply. Operating from an emotional place […]Read More >