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The 3 Top Ways to be Most Productive During a Pandemic

With the current state of the affairs changing daily, I want to support you in moving through this transformative time in a way that creates more ease instead of more stress. Let’s face it – it is hard not to feel the underlying stress that is out in our world right now with working from […]Read More >

How to Use Your Isolation to Benefit You and Yours


As I sit at my computer on a beautiful Sunday morning in Golden, CO, I observe in me a question: “How am I making the most of my time in isolation?” For one small moment here on planet Earth, the entire world is being asked to stop, take stock, and listen to what is emerging […]Read More >

What is the Opportunity of this Virus?


I want to take a moment to provoke your thinking about the Coronavirus, and how the state of your inner world impacts our outer world. As someone that has had lots of hardship in my life and recovered coming back clearer and stronger, I am a firm believer that everything serves our growth. I take […]Read More >

Communicating Your Value in the Age of Mindfulness


How can you use this moment in your life and career to view it as a value and privilege to serve others? We are in the Age of Mindfulness, which is not about serving ourselves, but how can we serve others. When communicating our value in our work, during an interview or in other contexts, […]Read More >

When Communicating Your Value, Less is More


Have you ever asked someone what they do for work, and they give you their resume history? Clearly, they are not clear on how to articulate their value. A professional value proposition, or elevator pitch as some call it, is something you want to create throughout your career journey. Why? Because it communicates your strengths, […]Read More >