Communicating Your Value in the Age of Mindfulness

Communicating Your Value in the Age of Mindfulness

How can you use this moment in your life and career to view it as a value and privilege to serve others? We are in the Age of Mindfulness, which is not about serving ourselves, but how can we serve others.

When communicating our value in our work, during an interview or in other contexts, I believe the key is to remember how your participating on a project or in a position is going to serve others involved.

I don’t know if you have noticed this, but there is a lot of content out there about the Age of Mindfulness.  I view this as a clear sign we are moving from the Information Age to the Intuition Age. We are tapping into our inner landscape to develop our emotional intelligence, strengthen our intuition and surrender to our calling.  In order to do this successfully, we have to be grounded and conscious of the moments we are experiencing and really holding it as a privilege to serve during these times of fear and immense change. Each of us is learning how to lead ourselves in a new, more aware way so that we can lead our lives, teams, organizations and families through challenges that arise.

This Age of Mindfulness requires authenticity, which is our ability to be fully present with ourselves in a new way, able to deal with chaos of the human condition and use the challenges as a way to develop ourselves deeper.

Often I hear clients say, “I don’t like to talk about myself” when crafting their value proposition for their career path. This indicates in my mind they are not confident and comfortable in communicating how they are serving others. Rather than thinking you are talking about yourself and taking an ego perspective, move into your heart and view it from the perspective of how you are contributing to the greater good by bringing value to serve others.

When you are able to share your value in a concise, clear way with no ego, and just the facts of what you have had the privilege to accomplish in your career and life, this is an opportunity to make a connection with another person and open a dialogue to have a more meaningful, rich conversation.

For more tips on how to talk about your value, check out my blog, “When Communicating Your Value, Less is More.”

As we navigate The Age of Mindfulness, remember it is about following our deep longing to contribute, give back and make a difference while we are here. Use this moment in time as a privilege to serve and fully live into our potential in the work we create in the world.