Healthy or Hurtful: How Do Your Habits Support You?

Habits either keep you stuck or move you forward—and anytime you go through a change, you are called to assess the habits that serve you and the habits that don’t. This can apply to any aspect of your work or life.

This month I invite you to play with the idea of creating healthy habits…

  • Have supports in place when you notice that fear is getting a hold of you—friends, music, exercise, inspirational words—all these strategies help you stay in a more positive state of mind.
  • Create space for yourself. When you are in fear mode, you are less effective—ideas don’t flow and energy levels are zapped. Have a meeting, talk a walk outside, or get up and move. Breath and movement change your brain waves for the better.
  • Create an environment of inspiration. Hang inspirational posters and quotes that inspire you. Let your employees pick out the posters and bring in their own favorite quote or picture. Start your day with an uplifting message you can remind yourself of throughout the day.

We live in an addictive society, and we can choose to be addicted to negative habits or positive ones. Positivity is where possibility lives—where we experience more of our potential and tap into intuitive solutions to the toughest problems. Positive habits breed energy, creativity and engaged employees.

Share with me on my Facebook page the new habits you are creating this month that serve your growth.

Be Happy,