Workplace Change: How to Be Agile and Succeed without the Stress

Workplace change is a constant challenge that most of us face today. What’s the secret to coping with change in the workplace and navigating towards a path of success?

B Agile! To be agile is to be flexible and open, and those qualities play a big part in learning how to survive and thrive in the current business environment.

So how agile are you and your organization? What do you incorporate into your work schedule and your personal life that helps you cope with change in the workplace and flex your agility muscle?

These are good questions to ask yourself and your colleagues. As the traditional business landscape continues to become more collaborative, it makes sense to assess our openness to change.

How do you allow your work environment to be in flux and embrace the changes as a sign of the new vs. the negative? Are you someone who does the same thing day in and day out or do you try out new things? Coping with change and being agile happens when you practice being more flexible.

Workplace Change: B Agile to Open New Doors of Opportunity

The practice of agility is a practice of allowing ourselves to embrace fear of the new and different. It keeps us young and fresh, stimulates the brain and makes us a conduit for new ideas. All of these qualities are a key to working and living well.

Here are 3 tips to help you embrace change in the workplace by practicing being agile:

  1. Try a different coffee shop or have lunch with someone different in your office.
  2. Speak up at a meeting when you normally would not or take the initiative to work on a new project that you would normally let pass you by.
  3. Start a conversation with someone new.

So what will you do this week to practice agility? Share it with me on my Facebook page.

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