Posts Month: September 2017

How to be the Love Balm

Sometimes, it feels as though our achievements and contributions go unnoticed, invisible. But how can we expect others to acknowledge us when we fail to acknowledge ourselves?   What simple gesture can you do in your day to day life that acknowledges yourself and others?   Begin your journey to self-acknowledgement today by scheduling your […]Read More >

How to Be an Impactful Leader

I want to address the topic of your awareness around your impact as a leader.   What kind of impact are you making in your organization? When thinking about the impact of successful leaders the adjectives that come to mind are approachable, authentic, transparent communicators, vulnerable, presence, inspiring and positive among others. In order to […]Read More >

How to be Happy in a Toxic Culture

What does it take to stay happy when we’re in a culture that may not be the best environment for growing our happiness? This week’s vlog covers how to navigate this tricky situation.     Begin your journey to happiness today by scheduling your complimentary 30 minute discovery session… We are moving from the information […]Read More >