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How to Trust Your Super Power

If you own a business, one of the key criteria that sets business owners apart is the mere fact you listened to your inner leader when you chose to start this business.

Business owners, you took a risk on listening to the Super Power inside of you that kept saying this is what you really wanted to do. How do you continue to cultivate that inner power and allow it to lead you as you grow your business?  With so many decisions to make daily and challenges that appear often there is an opportunity to create strategies for learning how to listen effectively to your own super power.

This applies to not only business owners, but also individuals looking to make a career transition or for more growth in your current role. What is the voice of your super power guiding you to take action on?

This super power is also known as Intuition. Intuition is awakening to the transcendent quality of your own being. It is learning to understand yourself by observing yourself. In this blog, I want to walk you through 3 simple steps for learning how to strengthen your super power.

One of the things we hear over and over again are the most successful people have a daily practice. Be that meditation, working out, doing some of self-care before they start their day. It is said that they all take time for contemplation and quieting the mind. Even just 3 minutes a day, it supports growing the super power within while moving you into a relaxed, alert state.

Dan Goleman, a psychologist and science journalist and author of the best-selling book Emotional Intelligence, says “a relaxed, alert state is the optimum for any performance in any field.”

3 Tips for Growing Your Super Power:

  • Take time daily to sit quietly, breathing deeply and allowing your thoughts to do what they will. Place focus on your breath or a word. You could observe all sounds, feelings and thoughts yet do not get stuck on any of them – just notice them like a movie screen. Coming in and going out. Start with 3 minutes and work your way up to 10 minutes a day.
  • Take note of any insights that come to you during this quiet time of contemplation and act on those that arise.
  • Notice throughout the day the voice of your super power and pay attention to what it is guiding you to do. When you don’t know what action to take, ask for guidance and listen for what direction to take. You instinct will tell you.

The more attention you give your super power the more you will be able to trust its guidance and access its knowledge at any given moment. We all have access to this part of ourselves but few put attention on cultivating it.

This aspect is your super power; the part of yourself leading and guiding you to a life of more ease, solutions and success.

By being intentional at the beginning of every day and listening to it, you will activate your intuition and strengthen the power it holds.

Be Present,


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