How to Determine Key Criteria for Your Career

How to Determine Key Criteria for Your Career

Now that you have determined the areas you want to evolve in yourself for your next career move (as outlined in my last newsletter), it is time to move to internal process #2 and get clear on your key criteria for the role you want to pursue.

Your criteria really is determined by what makes you happy as it relates to your values, and how you want to experience your next company and role. This is important so you can assess each role and opportunity you are exploring. Some clients have an excel sheet with components from the Key Criteria sheet below to assess each opportunity they are exploring and measure them against each other to see which one is most aligned to their individual criteria and values.

It is important to know that when working with clients, the first topic I coach on is getting clear on what they desire. We cannot create what we desire if we are not clear on the components that will make us happy in our work. The Key Criteria is a point of reference to be able to measure the various opportunities you are exploring, so you make a decision based on what is most important to you and your growth in your next career move.

Assessing this list helps you in asking more specific interview questions, paying attention to the team, leadership and work environment as you go through the interview and exploration process. Most importantly, it keeps you focused on putting you front and center and not losing sight of your criteria and what you are creating in the next role. It supports you in making an informed decision based on what makes you happy and supports you in making the decision about this opportunity easier.

There may be areas you end up having some compromise and there may not; either way you are aware throughout your interview and exploration process what is most important to you, and this process supports you in internalizing your value as to what makes you happy and refining how you are communicating it to key stakeholders.

I hope you will find it helpful as you navigate your next career move.
Click here to download Key Criteria Worksheet