How Much of Your Time Do You Live in the Past?

How Much of Your Time Do You Live in the Past?

The more time we live in our past, the less energy we have to focus on what we are creating for our future. I have found this to be a powerful thought when it comes to creating results I desire in my life.

Most of us have had things from our past that we no longer wish to bring forward, beliefs that no longer serve us, decisions that were not the best, experiences that were painful. As you begin to focus on creating your next job, making your next career move, deepening a relationship, or coming to decisions in your life, take time to daydream about it.

This New York Times article has some great thoughts around taking a pause and giving your brain a break. It talks about the research found that daydreaming actually makes us more creative, better at problem-solving and coming up with new, creative ideas. The brain cannot do this if there is no idleness.

How much time do you spend daydreaming?
How about allowing your brain to be idle with no external stimulation?

Joe Dispenza brings great science and practice for learning how to spend a small amount of time feeling your next big creation into reality. He says by spending time every day focused on how you will feel when what you desire is actually happening, you make it happen more quickly because you are creating new wiring in the frontal cortex of the brain.

This is an important aspect when it comes to finding a new job, career move, relationships and everything else we create in our lives. I encourage you to look up Joe Dispenza on YouTube; feel free to use this format for sitting in the feeling of what you are creating.

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Here is a sample of the tools that help support you in dreaming your desires into reality.

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