Sparkle on While Being in the Flow

Sparkle on While Being in the Flow

I want to talk about how being in the flow supports you finding your own sparkle. Let me define what I mean by Sparkle; sparkle is what we experience when we meet someone that is electric. We are taken by their presence, we desire to be around them, we feel relaxed, energized and inspired all at the same time.

If you read my newsletter this month, I felt that way when I went to see Peter Kater; he enhanced my sparkle because of his ability to be in the flow with his music as he performed. Anytime I see a great speaker, an inspiring movie or even a client that comes into awareness about something that has been holding them back are all opportunities that allow me the experience of being in awe with the mystery of something bigger than my mind and my day-to-day life. This connects me to my own sparkle.

The more I practice pre-paving, which is a tool I share in my playbook, by focusing on what I am in the midst of creating instead of the negative self-talk, this supports me in trusting the flow of life as it moves through me. It opens my awareness to what I need in order to uncover more of my purpose and what actions to take.

The practice of being in the flow is the opportunity to allow yourself to create more opportunities to find your purpose, passion and spark. This allows you to uncover what energizes you and shows the signs of where you are to put your energy, and what actions you need to take next in creating whatever makes you happy.

I recently worked with a client, “Janet,” that was on a job search (I like to phrase this as being in career creation mode; it is way more fun to think of it this way). Janet was moving from her career in Human Resources to a consulting role in Healthcare, so a new industry and new function. She was struggling with the doubt and fear associated with making such a big shift. Janet networked constantly, enrolled in coaching for support, and was always accountable to what action she needed to take next. One day during a coaching session, Janet was down in the dumps and feeling like she wasn’t making any headway.

We coached around the beliefs she had about her job search being a struggle, and where she would put attention every time she doubted herself, which was focusing on her negative thoughts about the search. We coached around busting the negative myths Janet had been telling herself, and what thoughts would help her not hold expectations around her search. This is learning to let go of the results.

Janet decided to create a new belief that she would repeat to herself every time the negative thoughts appeared: “I am creating a consulting position that I love as I reinvent myself in my career.” She put this mantra everywhere so she would remember to say it every time a negative thought appeared. The next week during our coaching session, Janet was in high spirits having used her new mantra. She felt like she was making traction, and her attitude had shifted. Think of it like removing old software (beliefs) that no longer serves your growth, and installing new software (beliefs) that supports you in creating what you prefer.

Janet was practicing being in the flow, and this magnified her sparkle, her attitude and what she started magnetizing in. Within a few weeks, she landed a job she loves doing what she desired.

You have this ability as well. Remember you are only energy, and learning how to manage your energy is part of learning how to work with your mind, body and spirit to stay in the flow of your sparkle, and what you are here to give the world. Your choices reflect your ability to sustain a state of flow.

Sparkle on,

I am offering a 3-month virtual peer group on learning practices for being in the flow. The groups will be no bigger than 8 people in one group. We will be meeting 2x per month on video and taking participants through a practice of replacing your old “software” with new “software” that support you in creating the best version of yourself.

For those interested in gaining support of creating new practices that enable what you are creating in your life, check out my new virtual program, The Art of Being in the Flow.

For more information, contact me at [email protected] or 303-955-0367.