Perfectionism is the Fear of Doing It Wrong

Perfectionism is the Fear of Doing It Wrong

I hear clients often state that they are a perfectionist. It seems we have this belief in our culture that being a perfectionist is a good thing, and yet what it means is lack of self-love. Those of us that feel the need for perfectionism are actually creating the feelings of guilt and anxiety in ourselves. Expecting others to be perfect is equally destructive because this makes others feel shame.

Where in your life do you feel things have to be perfect?
Where do you expect others to be perfect?

A practice for dropping perfectionism:

  • Observe where you need things to be perfect.
  • Take a breath and allow yourself to let it go and relax into your body.
  • Create a mantra – “I trust the perfection of this moment in however it unfolds.”
  • Practice acceptance verse perfection.

By practicing tolerance, acceptance and striving for the balance of expecting too much and too little from others and yourself, you learn to love yourself as perfect even with all your flaws. This flows into loving others as perfect with all of their quirks.

This builds self-love and facilitates connected relationships that honor diversity, inclusion and respect for allowing all of us to be true to who we are.

Let go and trust,