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Executive Coaching Program

Success comes as the result of clear focus and being true to yourself. Staying within the “walls” of your organization can skew your perception and ability to stay aware to how you lead yourself. That can be the very thing that creates a stop gap to expanding your emotional intelligence and expanding your leadership skill set. It’s challenging if not impossible to evaluate yourself and see beyond those roadblocks and blind spots.

Moving forward requires looking inward where you are able to observe yourself and make the unconscious conscious, thus gaining a broader perspective. Whether you’re seeking to increase your leadership presence, a promotion or looking for an executive opportunity; the door opens when you expand your awareness and ability to consciously grow YOU.

Included are specific exercises and topics that are simple, yet intentional, to fully cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and your work:

This experience is for you if you desire:

  • To cultivate your inspiring leader within
  • To improve your communication skills
  • To reframe defensive relationships
  • To expand your application of emotional intelligence
  • To lead a collaborative culture
  • To learn tools to coach and engage yourself and your team
  • To build accountability towards your growth
  • To reclaim what energizes you
  • To feel supported by a confidential sounding board
  • To decrease your stress and increase your flow
  • To manage your energy and time more effectively
  • To set productive boundaries
  • To grow your personal brand
  • To learn to let go of who you think you are and embrace who you really are
  • To self-actualize

This experience consists of the following:

  • 1:1 coaching with Katie, 2-3 times per month, 60-minute sessions, via phone or face to face
  • Email access to Katie for continued support
  • On the spot laser coaching, in between sessions – 10 to 15 minute limit
  • Access to VIP website for developing leadership skills, career management and personal/professional development
  • Tools to use in leading and coaching an empowered and engaged team
  • Access to resources that will support your learning and development
  • Stress management strategies
  • Leadership Assessments

Clients share their coaching experience:

“Katie is a talented executive coach with a keen sense for enabling self discovery, professional (and personal) growth, and recognizing your own potential. She does this by offering a unique viewpoint into how you think and perceive yourself and others. The result is the realization of new skills, knowledge of how to capitalize on your strengths, and use these tools to become a successful and authentic leader. I highly recommend Katie for those who are looking to develop their professional skills and relationships or are searching for greater focus and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.”

Tim Bauer, PhD, Director | Drug Development Tools at SomaLogic

“Katie was my executive coach as well as conducted group coaching for 6 manager level employees. It was a challenging and yet rewarding experience for everyone. Katie is very effective at stopping the “story” and empowering individuals to take ownership and creating life experiences that YOU want, rather than being a victim of circumstances. It’s a bit challenging at first to go within oneself but it’s also incredibly empowering and freeing to let go of the external focus and rather only focus on oneself and how I want life to be, how I choose to respond to circumstances around me, etc. I could visibly see the transition of my staff as they evolved through the challenging aspects and came out the other side as much happier individuals as well as more effective managers. I highly recommend Katie individually as well as for teams.”

Beth Crump, Director, Global Clinical Affairs at Terumo BCT

If you are feeling the pull to grow professionally in your current role or create a new direction in your career, please heed the call.

This is the subtle voice of your authentic self, the first step in growing your commitment to bringing more of your gifts into the world..
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