The 3 Best Tips for Staying in Flow

The 3 Best Tips for Staying in Flow

I hear a lot of people say they have a hard time staying in the flow. It can be especially hard when a lot is going on, and if we are deep in darkness and feel negative, confusion and overwhelm, these are the times that are teaching me something about myself or someone else. There is holy in the trauma, and if you can hold that in your mind and remember that things are not happening to you, but rather they are happening for you, it will make it easier to forge forward with holding to the vision of what you desire in order to experience more flow in your life.

The creative process is our ability to continue to hold the vision of our desire and experience the impact of what that desire will feel like when it appears.

This is a body and mental process that changes our reality.

When we feel the joy, delight and ease of what we desire, it creates chemicals that grow new neurons in the frontal lobe of the brain. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains it very well in this video: Click to View Video

In order to have the experience of staying in the flow, we have to keep our mind focused on where we are headed and sit in the feeling of what it will feel like in our body when we get there. That doesn’t mean you ignore emotions or feelings that come up because it is very important to acknowledge what you are feeling. The trick is not getting stuck in the emotion and allowing it to move through you, feel it, express it, let it go and bring yourself back to what you are in the midst of creating.

Have touchstones around that support you in staying connected to the truth of what is happening.

Some touchstone examples include music that lifts your spirits, pictures of the people you love, special momentos that move you into remembering the beauty and joy of your life.

Learning to live in the flow is not about knowing how you will get where you want to go; it is about holding the vision, feeling what you desire and allowing it to find you in its own time and way. It takes letting go of our expectations and any versions of how you feel it should be.

3 Steps for Staying in the Flow:

  • Stay focused on the vision.
  • Take time to sit in the feeling of what it will feel like when you have created your vision.
  • Use your touchstone to remind you to shift.

Part of learning this practice is an opportunity to take every challenge as a reminder for you to harness the practice of doing what keeps you in the flow. We are not taught this; we are taught to figure everything out and to keep doing until we create it with force. We are taught to stay in our head about our challenges, which is what keeps us stuck.

Being in the flow is holding the vision and training yourself to stay excited about what it will feel like when it arrives. Building the feeling energy for it to be created. This is a practice like anything else you may learn. There is no specified time frame and no prescription of how to get there. The key is in allowing it to unfold in its own time and way and to build trust that it will happen in a way that is best for your growth. Even if you just start with 3 minutes a day, start small and let the practice guide you where to take it to live into the vision you desire to create.
By you creating the practice to sit in the feeling of what you desire consistently, you retrain the brain and body and new neural networks are made in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is when the external reflections outside of us change.

Creating a practice of living in the flow retrains the brain and body and allows for acceptance, inner trust and learning the power of letting go to emerge. This is so much more fun than stressing about feeling overwhelmed or any other negative feeling you may have.

You have a choice with every thought you think, every vision you desire, and every emotion you feel.

Take the time to put your desires first and give yourself permission to fall into what that brings up in you. This raises awareness, trust and self-acceptance, and the outcome will be so much more enjoyable.