What is Your LOVE Frequency?

What is Your LOVE Frequency?

Since we are in the month of love, what a perfect time to really be intentional in giving ourselves permission to have some fun and do something out of the ordinary with ourselves and those we love. Experiment, try something different, love yourself and those you are with more deeply.

Operating from an emotional place of LOVE impacts our physical, mental and emotional state. Love has the power to diffuse all negativity, and challenge us to move into a more positive experience. Challenges make us stronger; they grow character and wisdom inside of us. They impact our perspective; whether they impact us in a positive or negative way is our choice in how we choose to hold its impact on us.

Love heals all, and we know this having experienced this at some point in our lives.

What if each day this month we try an experiment and make a choice to operate out of a love vibration in how we choose to think and to act with ourselves and each other? Imagine the impact of that not only in your day, but also in your relationships and how you view yourself.

This year’s numerology of 2019 = 3. In yogic numerology, 3 represents the Positive Projected Mind, which means this is a year of expansion. We can choose to expand either the negative or positive thoughts in our mind, habits and ways of being. The energy of the year is available to support us in paying extra attention to our mind, thoughts and ways of being. We are being supported in replacing our old internal software (thoughts and beliefs) and shifting them to a frequency based in love and positivity.

This is the year to audit your mind and make the choice that supports your spirit and supports you feeling inspired.

I have a client that recently took my Art of Being in the Flow virtual class. This was a 3-month class where we practiced staying in a state of flow throughout the series, so we could begin to harness new habits and ways of thinking. She was unemployed and taking time off when she took the class. She emailed me this week and said she started looking for a job on January 4th. By February 4th, she had two offers! This client had two amazing job offers because she had made a choice to focus on her positive frequency and live and think in the space of LOVE.

This practice automatically makes you a magnetic because it raises your frequency, which, in turn, makes us a magnet for what we desire.

Take the opportunity to view my F.L.O.W. Method for that will support you in harnessing your LOVE operating system and living from a place of flow and ease.

I talk more about my F.L.O.W. method in my February newsletter.

May this month of love inspire you to live from your LOVE operating system.