What is Stopping You from Growing

What is Stopping You from Growing?

From my experience in working with hundreds of clients, I can say the biggest element that stops us from growing is our own negative beliefs in ourselves. These are the thoughts that say, “I can’t do it,” or “It will take too much time, money and energy.” What you are really saying is you’re not worth it. And if you don’t think you are worth it, how will you ever develop the energy needed to create what you really desire? The negative thinking is what keeps most people stuck in living in the desire of what they want and not really growing it.

Here is what I want you to know: You can create anything you desire. I have done it and continue to do it over and over again; it is with consistent focus, practice and stretching into more of my abilities that make it happen. It involves asking for support, holding myself accountable, and doing the kinds of activities that I may fear, as well as those I appreciate, that move me into this bigger part of myself.

The negative thinking is fear that lives in the head, and you have the ability to change what you are thinking. If you have read my book, Be Happy Now, and conducted the Myth Busting exercise, you will come to understand the thoughts in your head are myths that can be changed anytime.

If you want to create something new in your life, start with examining where you are putting your attention in reference to that desire. Focus on one step at a time and keep taking the next action. Get support to be able to continue to move forward and live in the vision of what you desire. Listen to inspirational podcasts, videos and read inspiring books and articles. These all serve to give yourself permission for growing into the uncomfortable parts of yourself as those aspects need light in order to breathe.

Live in your vision … share it with your friends and support system and have them ask you about it and prepave it into existence. Prepaving is another great exercise in Be Happy Now that shares how to focus on what you desire to make it happen. Feeling what you desire creates a chemical reaction in the body, which shifts the brain chemistry and supports it in actually happening.

Look at what stops you from growing and become an active participant in changing that story.