The Importance of Values in the Work You Do

The Importance of Values in the Work You Do

Whenever clients come to me and are trying to figure out what really makes them happy in their work, the initial step I take is supporting them on getting clear on the values that make them happy when it comes to their work. We uncover the top values that make them happy, the work environments they thrive in, and their key business criteria, which is what has to be in place for the position to be the right fit, example, compensation, commute, team, culture etc.

This is so important as you begin to craft and to create your career direction. When you are clear on your top values and criteria that make you happy, it is much easier to create it. Once you are clear, you can begin to start imagining it, which gets the juices flowing (i.e. chemicals secreting) that help shift your brain to living in the idea of creating your ideal work scenario.

This is key to creating new connections in the brain that help the idea to manifest. This is the internal piece to the creative career process. The next step is weighting how important each of the criteria is so you can weigh different positions and companies against these criteria as you explore opportunities.

Three Questions to Consider:
(Make lists of the responses to each question)

  • What have you enjoyed doing in your career (the actual tasks)? These are things that have given you energy in your work.
  • What have you have done in your career that depleted your energy, and you really don’t want to do again?
  • What do you want to evolve in yourself in this next career move?

This will help you in deciding key criteria; then you may begin to explore potential functions/roles and companies that speak to your criteria and put a strategy around them to execute.

Being clear on your values supports you in being in integrity with your authentic self and not self-sacrificing yourself for a job. It also helps as you navigate the interview process in communicating who you are, what you stand for, and how you bring value to an organization. It brings confidence to your process and builds trust in yourself as you have exploratory conversations.

Values = Happiness and Clarity: This is important in honoring your integrity and being true to who you are in the work you do.

I invite you to check in with yourself regularly to make sure you are living and working in alignment with your values.