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Career Coaching

greenarrow400x300LIndividuals who are thinking about or making a change in their career – into a new role, a new career direction or currently employed and wanting to create the next venue in their current employer, new employer or entrepreneurial venture.

I highly recommend coaching with Katie to others who want to increase their emotional intelligence at the workplace, and feel more comfortable about navigating the job market, developing a unique professional value proposition, and clarify/track professional goals. Katie helps the individuals she coaches through the establishment of clear goals/objectives for the duration of the engagement and working to those goals. Through my work with Katie, I learned how to look at the workplace differently, and to approach it with more confidence, and this work helped me in all aspects of my life.” – Michael Schwarz, Vice President – Software Development/TantaComm

Monthly Program Offer:
2 calls per month for 45 minutes each
3 calls per month for 45 minutes each

No long term commitment – paid on a month by month basis

Calls will be focused on monthly client goals.
(Calls can be recorded)

I will provide resources, prep for networking & interviewing and strategy support.
This includes email communication between calls and on the spot emergency coaching for 5-10 minutes between sessions.

Please click here to submit your interest,
and Katie will be in touch with you to schedule a 30 minute Discovery Session