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The Powerful Effect of Silence on Clarity and Insight

The Powerful Effect of Silence on Clarity and Insight

I have been exploring silence – observing how by allowing it, I can tap into my inner space, my insight, and the part of myself that listens deeply. I have noticed how rejuvenating it is to allow myself to sit and linger in the silence, whether in my conversations, in my own head, and to stop the busyness of my life.

The doing is my distraction from really being.

Take a moment to sit in silence with your eyes closed and feel yourself start to slow down. Listen and observe with no judgment. Just take in your internal thoughts and external environment but have one point of focus to keep your mind attached to – a word, a mantra, an image – something that serves as your touchstone to keep bringing your mind back to that still point amidst the background noise of your mind and surroundings. What you will discover is an even deeper silence that appears. It is here where insight lives, clarity shows up and deep relaxation occurs.

This is a well of rest, rejuvenation and renewal.

Yogi Bhjan has said that if you don’t go within, you go without. I believe this is true. Without a respite from our busyness and our doing, we cannot gain the deep insight and rest we need to move forward in all the areas of our life. It is the resting in ourselves that supports us in being more productive, more present and more accepting of ourselves and each other.

With Easter upon us and the beginning of a new season, I invite you to take 3 minutes to sit with eyes closed, watching your breath, noticing your body and being present to the silence that sits deep inside you. It is present in each of us all the time.

Rest, rejuvenate and renew yourself in these quiet moments and allow yourself to let go of any expectations or goals and see what presents itself to you. Give yourself the gift of silence this month and notice how it makes you feel and how it makes you think. Give yourself permission to stop and allow the power of silence to renew you.

B Real,
Katie B.

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