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Business Owners

Are you a leader running a business with up to $25M in revenue and managing a team of under 100 employees? Do you want to expand your leadership capabilities to help you grow your business, your teams or improve your business’ culture?

Business Coach Denver Co

Running a small business is demanding and requires a multitude of skills and capabilities. Whether you’re a small business of 1 or 100; one thing remains the same. It’s difficult to successfully navigate the challenges of growing your small business…alone.

As your Executive Coach I work with you as your partner. The foundation for our work together is your goals and the vision you have for your business. The process of coaching provides the space you need to think more deeply about roadblocks in the way of achieving your goals. As your awareness and clarity increase, we work together to identify resources and tools and to create action plans to solve the issues.

I believe that the fastest path to success is the path to yourself…meaning that you have the answers within. Working together we uncover the answers you need to navigate your path to success.

Examples of high level issues that you may want to work on include:

  • Flex Your CEO Muscle
  • Grow an Effective Team
  • Strengthen Communication Skills
  • Increase Accountability with Your Staff and Yourself
  • Learn How to Manage Yourself
  • Create an Engaging Culture
  • Scale Your Business
  • Integrate Business and Personal Life for Balance
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