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"I consider it the highest honor to be of service to my clients. As a coach, I partner with them to develop strategies to achieve their goals and create the business, career and life they desire. I'm results oriented and am filled with gratitude as my clients navigate their path to success."

Katie was my executive coach as well as conducted group coaching for 6 manager level employees. It was a challenging and yet rewarding experience for everyone. Katie is very effective at stopping the "story" and empowering individuals to take ownership and creating life experiences that YOU want, rather than being a victim of circumstances. It's a bit challenging at first to go within oneself but it's also incredibly empowering and freeing to let go of the external focus and rather only focus on oneself and how I want life to be, how I choose to respond to circumstances around me, etc. I could visibly see the transition of my staff as they evolved through the challenging aspects and came out the other side as much happier individuals as well as more effective managers. I highly recommend Katie individually as well as for teams.Beth Crump, Director, Global Clinical Affairs at Terumo BCT
I've explored coaching before, now I am a believer. If you have a circumstance, opportunity, or obstacle you want to face head on, bring Katie along for the ride. Katie has proven her value over and over as a coach with relentless focus and impact. Embrace the change you know you need. It is real with Katie. Caroline Wyatt, Vice President Human Resources
Working with Katie has been an game changing experience for both my current professional growth and future career exploration. Her focus on expanding and leveraging my strengths, identifying opportunity areas, and understanding what my career outlook could be in the future has be eye opening. If you are looking to improve your professional skill-set or a coach for identifying other career opportunities, I recommend Katie to help with clearing this path. Erick Whittier, Business Team Leader at The Clorox Company
As the CEO of a business, working with Katie has been invaluable in helping me stay accountable in my role as a leader and in growing the company. Katie’s coaching has helped me better identify my blind-spots and hold me accountable to execute on strategies that improve my overall performance and therefore my organization. Katie has also helped my team strengthen our communication skills, and increase respect for our individual differences while providing new tools that allow us to work together more effectively.Stephanie Klein, CEO Experience Factor
Katie B. Smith is an extraordinarily gifted coach.  Life is filled with ups and downs that can literally wear you down.  Katie is a masterful guide who listens to you and asks thought-provoking questions that help you to figure out what’s holding you back and then a way forward.  Her approach removes all the muck that piles up along the road of life, which create roadblocks to success.  In that process, Katie helps you to reconnect to your inner energy...your brilliance.  She then teaches you how to use that to create massive success that seems almost feels like whiplash it happens so fast!  I highly recommend Katie B. Smith if you’re serious about transforming your life, your business or your team!Debbie Josendale, President 3C Marketing Group, LLC
A Reformed 'Coach-Skeptic,'That’s what I would call myself. I now regularly recommend Katie B. to friends and colleagues. Katie's professionalism and leadership, and her intelligence and resources have allowed me to take my professional career to new heights. Her intuition and EQ have also provided steady guidance-- critical in navigating new professional and personal waters. I will continue to recommend Katie to friends and colleagues and am thrilled she made an enthusiastic believer out of me!Julie Huls, President, Austin Technology Council