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“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman

Meet Executive Coach Katie B. Smith

Executive Coach Denver Katie B. Smith

My journey to build my ideal life and business of working as an Executive Coach is an example of a core value that I hold to be true:  “I believe we can all create whatever we want because I have and continue to do so.”

My perspective as an Executive Coach has been shaped by my work and life experiences. Perhaps the most profound is teaching my two-year old hearing-impaired daughter how to speak and listen. In the process, I learned what it truly means to communicate with ourselves and others.

During this time, I discovered the power of yoga and meditation to reduce stress, improve creative thinking and communication. This led to the development of a stress-management program for attorneys, which was approved by the California State Law Board for lawyers throughout the state.

For the next 15 years, I worked in the executive search industry helping business leaders grow their company and teams, through recruitment and retention of top talent. This strategic consulting resulted in increased profitability, morale and accountability within organizations.  I credit my communication skills as one of the key reasons for success during this time.

Executive Coach Katie Smith PCC LogoWhile I was successful I wanted more fulfillment in my work, this is when I began working with a coach. Which led me to training as an Executive Coach. Currently I hold an Advanced Corporate Coaching Certification from Coach U and a Professional Coach Certification (PCC) from the International Coach Federation.

This path has influenced what I believe to be true about success.  Today my work as an Executive Coach focuses on helping individuals and teams navigate their path to success. My B REAL coaching methodology provides the framework for our work together. My point of view provides the lens through which clients can break down old beliefs and increase their awareness that they have a choice in everything they do and think.   Resulting in a sense of aliveness and vibrancy that leads to unprecedented happiness and success.

The following reflect the core values that shape my methodology.

  • We all have the power to create whatever we want – this continues to be my experience.
  • We have to engage our body, mind and heart in the process of creating an integrated life.
  • It is important to listen and honor what you know to be true for you – this builds self-confidence and wisdom.

If you’d like to learn more about my background, please visit my LinkedIn profile. If you’re ready to find your path to success please contact me to set up a discovery session.

Have Executive Coach Katie B. Smith Speak at Your Next Event

Katie’s talks inspire and move people to action.  Following are three of her most popular topics:

Topic: Forget Setting Goals – Focus on What You Don’t Need

So often we set goals we don’t accomplish, or goals that are too vague without measureable results. What if you begin looking at goals from the perspective of what you will NOT do this year? By looking at goals from this perspective we address the behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve us and make a conscious intention to change how we think about them. In viewing goals this way, we support ourselves in being the best we can be and take care of ourselves, which ultimately takes care of our work and our families.

Katie reveals how to set realistic goals with meaning and gives tips on addressing the behaviors and beliefs that help us achieve our goals in a way that is true to who we are.

Topic: How Do You Get Out of Your Own Way?

We seem to be a problem-focused society. 75% of the average person’s thinking is negative. We look for what is wrong before looking for what is right. However, we have a choice in how we think and how we respond to difficulties. So why not shift to a more positive mindset? You might be surprised at how good it feels to shift your focus from what is not working to what is working and take your thinking in a positive direction—worth a try, don’t you think?

Katie reveals how to shift our internal dialogue to a place of curiosity and wonder that leads to more positive thinking, even in the midst of challenges.

Topic: Personal Communication Styles

In your roles each day—whether as a company owner or parent, client or friend, executive or volunteer—understanding personal communication styles can enhance the clarity and precision of your conversations. In teams and groups, when each member understands the styles of other participants, the group mission and purpose can be one of collaboration. Understanding communication styles can make a major difference in your approach to people. In our fast-paced world it is crucial that you have the most effective means of building rapport and connecting with others to produce stronger, more strategic outcomes.

Katie shares “the four communication styles” and a tool for analyzing situations that you will want to use with your new insights. You will learn ways to interact, engage, and consult with others in a way that is more effective and collaborative for everyone involved.

Please contact Katie to speak at your next event.