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Love in Leadership

Love in Leadership

I love the month of February, when we are reminded to operate from a place of love instead of fear. Love in leadership means working from an integrated place of heart and head, relaxing instead of stressing. Love plays a key role in creating a collaborative culture built on trust, transparency and respect.

In order to lead others we first have to lead ourselves, and that determines the kind of leader we are in the moment. If you are not loving yourself—beating yourself up, feeling unworthy, not celebrating your successes, and not taking care of yourself—then how can you provide a good example for others?

To be an authentic, heart-centered leader you have to practice loving and acknowledging yourself in all areas of your own life. Then it will become a natural habit with those you lead.

Take this month, Valentine’s Day to love YOU, all of you. What can you treat yourself to? What nourishing statement can you tell yourself? What fun activity have you wanted to do? Now is the time to take action and jump into love in all its forms for you.

Spread your love to yourself and watch how that transforms the people around you and the people you lead.

B Real,
Katie B.

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