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Intuitive Intelligence in Leadership – 3 Tips for Activating your Courage

Intuitive Intelligence in Leadership – 3 Tips for Activating your Courage

The head likes to sabotage us from listening and living in our heart.

How can we begin to live in both head and heart?

I want to share an experience I had last week regarding a woman who chose to take the risk of listening to her heart and stepped into her courage, which saved me from dying.

I am asking for your support to spread this message to your network in hopes that it will reach the woman I am trying to contact. I was in the San Francisco airport this afternoon in the Southwest Terminal and started choking on a piece of food. I stood up, and a young woman waiting in line for the restaurant came up to me and asked if I was choking. I shook my head yes; she turned me around and applied the Heimlich maneuver to unclogged my airway. All I remember is that she was young with long dark hair and was wearing a deep purple hoodie jacket. After she performed the maneuver, she asked if I was okay while still behind me. I said yes and sat down to recalibrate my breath after what just happened. I wanted to thank this wonderful woman, and I asked the couple in front of me that witnessed the whole thing if they saw where the woman went. They said she had been standing in line; I turned to look, and the people in line said she left. I then proceeded to walk the Southwest terminal to see if I could recognize her. I thought if I posted this on Facebook it may reach her, and I would be able to connect with her to thank her. I would greatly appreciate it if you would circulate this to your network in hopes of connecting with this angel that appeared when I was in desperate need. THANK YOU!

On Monday morning, there she was! My post had found her. Her response: Today was the most emotional day. I am so happy to hear that Katie Smith is ok. I think both of us were in complete shock. It was a very surreal experience.

I had found her – Gabriella was the angel that saved my life. This was also just as much of a surreal experience for me.

Gabriella described the event to me from her perspective. She said everyone around her was in shock when they saw me choking. She said the man in front of her was shaking. Gabriella asked if he knew the Heimlich maneuver, and he did not. She said she hesitated, and then when she saw the terror in my eyes her courage kicked in, and she came up to me and did the Heimlich maneuver. She was so emotionally impacted by the event that she had to leave. The entire communication on Facebook acknowledged Gabriella’s courage and inspired us all.

This got me wondering about our ability as leaders to step into our courage and act. How often are we put in this situation where we have the choice to act from our intuitive intelligence? How often do we listen to the fear in our head instead? What would it look like if we learned to listen and to acknowledge our heart and our head? What if we lived from a more integrated place inside ourselves?

3 Tips for Integrating the Head and the Heart and Leading From Your Intuitive Intelligence

  • Take 3 long deep breaths – this will always move you into a state of calm and allow you to step back.
  • Stepping back generates balance of mind and heart. Acknowledge the fear in the head, and ask “Is this giving me energy or taking my energy?” If it is taking energy, it is a clear sign to let the thought go.
  • Take Action from this place of balance by listening deeply to your intuitive intelligence. Does taking action based on your intuition scare you? If so, it is probably the right move.

All of this can occur within the span of a few seconds or a few minutes; the more we practice it, the quicker we become at tuning into our inner leader.

Start small with activating your courage. Begin by doing something every day that scares you – even if it is something on a small scale – such as going to a new class, meeting a new person, etc. Let the act of acknowledging your fear activate your courage and support you in living from an integrated place of head and heart.

By living as courageous leaders, we activate our intuitive intelligence and are an example for the teams we serve to do the same.

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