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How to Focus on the Good in a Crazy World

How to Focus on the Good in a Crazy World

With all the negative banter, gossip and nonconstructive verbiage going on, not only in the media, but also possibly in your life, and most of all in your head, I thought this would be a topic of interest.

positive-thinking-mind1Negative banter creates stress and doesn’t set you up for a great life. How can we begin to create a positive experience regardless of how much negativity we are bombarded with through our relationships, media and our own mind? There is actual science that shows how your thinking creates what happens in your life. Bruce Lipton, PhD, has found that the brain is mold-able and neoplastic, meaning the brain has the ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. This gives us tremendous hope in being able to focus on the good instead of the craziness in the world. We actually have the ability to shift our experience from one of negative to positive.

In the movie The Abundance Factor, which studies Happiness Science, it states that long term levels of happiness are affected by how your human brain processes everything in your life; money, relationships, work, challenges, etc., and that daily positive habits and rituals will rewire the brain to support you in creating the results you desire. What you complain about actually drives these unconscious intentions to create even more of them. Think about this – every time you complain, you are putting an intention out there to create more of it!!! Brain science has shown that when the brain focuses on the positive, everything you experience becomes more positive. What we put our attention on grows.

I recently saw the movie A Man Called OVE. Based in Sweden, it focuses on the life of OVE, an older man that had recently lost his wife and had been laid off from his work. While he seemed distraught and angry a lot of the time, he continued to help the people around him. He was a giver, and even in the midst of his grief, he was begrudgingly still giving. What struck me about the movie was how everyone continued to love him. Not everyone knew what had happened in his life, but they continued to ask for his help. The acknowledgement of his wife’s presence in their life and his willingness to help allowed him to begin to soften, heal and be open to loving the life he had instead of wanting to leave it. Acknowledgement is a powerful love balm.

The first step to spotlight the positive amidst challenges is to focus on what is amazing about the person or challenge in front of you, even if it is difficult. If it is hard to think of something positive, ask yourself, “What is it/this teaching me?” There is a gift to grow in everything we experience. Write a reminder to yourself that everything serves your growth. If we can view the difficult person or situation in this way, we begin to move into seeing the positive. Set the intention to focus on the good, make the commitment to practice this once every day, and begin seeing what starts shifting in you and your experience.

Let’s create new practices now that allow us to embody the holiday experience in an uplifting way, and let’s stop the negative mind chatter to make the most of this holiday season by learning to embody in our being the true spirit of the season.

B Well,

Katie B.

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