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Conscious Comparison

Conscious Comparison

I was speaking with a client the other day, and it occurred to me that most of us allow our competitive spirit to be manipulated by our negative mind. For example, how many times do you compare yourself to others? Comparing your career, your house, your kids, how much money you make, etc. When we allow our minds to focus on being competitive by comparing things that are outside of us, we are allowing our negative mind to take root and direct the show. When this happens, we not only feel not good enough but also beat ourselves up over the decisions we have made and completely deny our own inner knowing and inner compass. How crazy is that? What if we took that competitive energy and started competing with ourselves and our ability to trust what is true for us?

What lives outside of us is an illusion; it is what lives inside of us that is REAL and TRUTHFUL.

When we notice we are comparing ourselves to someone or something outside of us, let’s look at this as an opportunity to redirect our thinking to put attention on what our gut is guiding us to do, or what that small voice inside of us is trying to tell us. Every time you feel envy or not good enough based on another person or something outside yourself is an opportunity to realize your trust in yourself is calling you, and by listening to this, you strengthen that voice. That voice needs self-acknowledgment. Acknowledging when you have trusted your gut or intuition and the gifts you have received from the decisions you have made is what builds this small voice into a voice that directs your life. Looking outside of ourselves and comparing ourselves to others diffuses our trust in ourselves and our own path, process and inner knowing.

Our goal is to live congruent lives doing congruent work that is aligned to who we are and what we believe. This allows us to bring our potential to the planet and live our purpose.

I invite you to take the opportunity to begin to use the gift of comparison in a conscious frame and start comparing how often you acknowledge what is right for YOU verses how it compares to everyone else’s life. Here are two questions to start with.

When do you Compare yourself to others?

What new practice can you put in place to shift this to a conscious comparison?

By giving yourself permission to choose to use the gift of comparison in a healthy frame, you begin to honor and trust your own inner knowing, which honestly is what will lead you to get your own happy on!

B Real,

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