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Career Reinvention: Where to Start?

Career Reinvention: Where to Start?

With so much change in our economy, many people are reevaluating and reinventing their careers and life directions. Where does one begin the process of reinvention?
First, consider the word “acknowledgment.” Acknowledging your previous situation is important because every experience serves our growth. Acknowledging your past successes and failures, how you have grown, what you have learned, and the impact you had in your previous roles is key to moving forward into your next venture.

Career Reinvention - Where to Start?Career Reinvention - Where to Start?Second, be very clear about what elements you want in your next job, career or lifestyle. Get specific about the environment, the people, the compensation, the commute, and the responsibilities you want to have.

Finally, stay open to possibilities. By focusing your energy in the direction of what you really want, your external world will begin to respond and give you a clearer idea of the direction you need to go, and the actions you need to take.

Action Items:
Where are you being asked to reinvent yourself and your career?

What action can you take to acknowledge where you are now?

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Article posted in Golden Living November 2016

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