Ready to begin your journey to happiness?

In my book, Be Happy Now, you’ll find strategies to help inspire you to move beyond fear and into fulfillment, love, and happiness.

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“Acceptance is understanding that while something may not be pleasant, it is a fact of that person’s life, and as such can become a positive factor with the right attitude. By removing and identifying the most paralyzing barriers you open up your ability to acknowledge yourself.”


Everyone wants to be happy.

Everyone wants to be happy, yet most are preoccupied with stress, overextension, and discouraging thoughts. While appearing to be successful, you may feel stuck or plagued by discouraging self-talk.

Now, for the first time, I’m sharing my professional guidance with the world. In this book, I share strategies to help inspire you to move beyond fear and into the conscious choice of embracing fulfillment, love and happiness, even amidst challenges.

Hone the practices to:
  • Move from tolerating to accepting
  • Live with ease and less stress
  • Experience more fun, pleasure, and joy
  • Shift negative thinking
  • Acknowledge and love yourself
  • Create your personal and professional future

“Katie B. Smith places a spotlight on areas that need further development to strengthen one’s ability to make smarter decisions and reach desired outcomes. I now have more fulfilling relationships, career opportunities, and a genuine expression of myself. If you are stuck envisioning your next chapter and are willing to do the work, Katie’s integrative method will enhance you, your mission and your life!”

Elaine DiLisio, President, Cordillera Advisor Group