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Listening to Yourself

Active listening is not just about listening to others—it starts with listening to yourself. What is the dialogue playing in …

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How Good of a Listener are You?

How good of a listener are you?  Do you worry about what to say next in the conversation rather than …

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Power: How Do You Own Yours?

Let’s face it—we can only control ourselves, not others. Whether in the workplace, client meeting, or personal interaction, we can’t …

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Leadership: Don’t Take it Personally

How often have you taken someone’s comment personally and felt offended by it? Probably fairly often, right? But in those …

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Benefits of Out of the Box Thinking

To include is to accept.  How often are you accepting things into your day—other people, new ideas, work projects?  Inclusion …

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How Are You Building Collaborative Skills?

In last week’s blog I spoke about cross-pollination in our business cultures.  This week I invite you to think about …

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