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The Powerful Effect of Silence on Clarity and Insight

I have been exploring silence – observing how by allowing it, I can tap into my inner space, my insight, …

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B Real Career Conversations ENGAGING the Interviewer

Here is a topic that comes up often for folks that are out interviewing, whether that is inside your own …

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4 Steps to Responding to Challenges

What is the first thing you do when faced with a challenge? Is there an instant physical reaction? Are you …

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Being Direct

Have you ever noticed how it feels safe to be around direct, honest people?  They speak their minds and we …

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Leading with HEART

3 Keys to Leading with Heart: Listen: Listen to yourself, your gut, your intuition—whatever you like to call it—pause, be …

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3 Tips for How to Control Your Thoughts

Sometimes my thoughts and feelings get the best of me. When this happens, it’s as if I am a slave …

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