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3 Steps to Conscious Comparison – Part 2

3 Steps to Conscious Comparison – Part 2

In my blog last week, I spoke about being more aware of when you go into negatively using comparison instead of taking the opportunity to use it as tool to strengthen your own emotional intelligence and use it to your advantage.

This week I want to support you in taking actual steps that will shift your thinking and your behavior to one that serves your growth instead of sabotaging your potential.

Step 1

NOTICE – When you move into competitive comparison, begin noticing when it happens.

Is it around certain people?
When you visit certain places?
Read certain material?
What are your trigger points for going into the negative aspect of comparison?

Step 2

LOVE IT – Once you notice the negative comparison, ask yourself how you can love it! When I feel envy or start feeling bad because I am comparing myself against someone else, I ask myself, “Is that something I really want?” If it is,I look at what steps I am taking to bring that into my life. Then I make the commitment to take one small action that supports that desire. If you are competitively comparing, there may be a hidden desire that wants to be recognized,so listen to what your intuition is telling you.

If it is not something I want, I acknowledge that this is a moment that is showing me that I can be happy for someone who is creating what they want. I can build my empathy muscle and share in their joy.

Step 3

CELEBRATE – Acknowledge that the comparison is showing up to teach you more about yourself and your own desires and needs. Celebrate that acknowledgement by singing a song, doing a dance, buying someone coffee in line behind you or leaving an extra big tip. Know you are strengthening your own empathy of yourself and using the gift that is present in the comparison.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what works for you, and other ideas about how to work with competitive comparison in our work and our lives.

Be Well,
Katie B.

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